Written by CinBrum

26 Jun 2009

My cock always stiffens a little harder when a ladies left hand wraps around my cock to show her wedding ring as she wanks me.

Elsie was no exception but she was unusual as she is well into her 70's. She is blessed that her hubby Reg is still alive but he was the only guy she'd ever been with. They both agreed that they wanted this to change and I was lucky I could help.

We met when I went to their house as a financial adviser to advise on some money that they wanted to invest. We got chatting over a few meetings and got along well. Jokes started beteween us and over time became more familiar and more sex based flirtatious.

We had got to the point during our 4th meeting where they had both suggested that they were open to another guy getting to 'know' Elsie but they asked 'how would you start that type of courting?' I joked something about standing by the cupboard in the front room and there was a nervous silence whilst we all looked at each other.

'Well go on then' I said and Reg half-laughed and half nodded that it'd be OK. 'Come on then Elsie' I said and she suddenly got up! She stood there and admitted that she didn't want to go too fast and I assured her that we could stop but asked 'can I just help remove your underwear a little?'

I moved over to her put my hands up her dress and felt for the top of her knickers. I pulled them down to her ankles and then backed away. The large white panties sat under her skirt, gusset on show, fairly stained knickers with a good amount of piss.

Myself and Reg carried on with our chat about money for a short while as Elsie just stood there, bright red-faced with embarrasment.

As the meeting came to a close, Elsie stepped out of her knickers and left them on the floor. I shook Reg's hand before leaning in to give Elsie a peck on the cheek. She put her arms around me and moved in for a full on snog. I reciprocated the kiss and whilst fully locked into snogging her I pulled he skirt up with my hand and stroked her bare ass.

She was shaking like a leaf as she was so nervous but stroked me through my trousers.

I left after a few minutes and we agreed to meet up again to 'finalise the paperwork'.

If you'd like to know what happened and how I saw her first take my cock in her hand then please ask.....