Written by cat with the cream

5 Sep 2017

As described in my earlier recollection, my Dorset visit was going very well. however on the morning following my threesome I felt particularly unwell, a sniffle became a no holds barred cold, sore throat not from cock sucking and a generally off it feeling. So I cut short my break and retreated to our empty house, took a whisky with honey and hot water and went to bed early. Next morning I felt much more like it. Yes, like sex and my itch was ready for scratching again.

I looked online and decided upon something guaranteed to satisfy, a sex club. I picked one in the London area hoping for decent quality surroundings and was agreeably surprised by the atmosphere and its proximity to a chain hotel which was comfortable, functional and clean despite its lack of star ratings. But I knew this was going to be used probably for mere sleep and recuperation after a prospective good night in the club.

I had taken some of my bedroom clothes which had not seen the light of day since hubby decided the golf course was the place for his hole in one, leaving me desperate for a par score myself. I am 5'6" tall, dark hair cut short now, a reasonable body, size twelve with 36 E bra size. I am proud of my smooth complexion and toning from yoga and exercise on a bicycle with friends and a lot of walking as opposed to running. I eat fairly normally but do watch the carbs and avoid too much drink as I do tend to feel unwell and sleepy and that is an awful waste if feeling sexy.

Now back to my night of fun. being a welcomed guest I was shown around the place, taking note of the playrooms and small cinema I was also pleased to see a few discreet areas for sitting and maybe being seen or to watch some couples getting a bit fresh with each other. So suitably introduced to the facilities and being welcomed by a drink by the host lady, I was now let loose to enjoy my evening. It was fairly early so I sat in my red dress which I am always pleased to pour into as it is a fairly tight squeeze and any excess flab is highlighted and in this case I was happy to see the mirror made me smile. I had no clothing beneath as each fold or groove would be magnified and so a shaped bum sat on the bar stool, I crossed my legs and felt a million dollars (pounds sterling even better).

It was going on for ten when it began to fill up and several couples were in and only three or four men. A party of ten guys was refused entry and made a noise as they were ushered out to everyone's relief as they sounded arrogant and troublesome, par for the course I thought. I got in conversation with a couple and after a while she asked what I was into. I answered men who can fuck. She laughed and said her husband liked the look of me and she would be moving into another room with three black guys who were regulars so if I fancied her husband then it made sense that we might take advantage of the time. She went over to a man and she nodded towards me, he looked my way to see any reaction. Mine was bring him on, around five ten tall, nicely groomed and looking non flabby while not bursting at the seams like an olympian or something. His smile was very alluring and mysterious or was it just the light? whichever way, he was right for me. His wife saw her men arriving and brought husband closer. I held my hand out and he took it, kissing the back, how old fashioned but also, how very nice. Deborah, his wife kissed him as she turned to meet her men and they whisked her towards a door I had not noticed but Martin explained it was the dungeon which she loved having fun in.

We spoke for a while and finished our drinks by which time he knew my name and that I was alone and had a hotel room to myself, no husband in the shadows or the wardrobe I told him. He asked if it would matter if he was watching and I said I had no objections to being watched. We then decided it was time to be a bit more amorous and went into the cinema, a good place to get to know each other. It was only semi dark and details were easily seen by the four other guys and one woman watching the sex on the screen, cocks everywhere and pussies filled with cock or tongue, very easy watching, completely devoid of any plot but that was ok I wasn't there for the cinematography, just get in the mood and enjoy this polite and nice man.

Martin began to kiss me and I was aware of being watched as my dress had already risen high enough to show my cunt. Martin's fingers found my wet slit and I melted as he drove a finger gently into me deeper and deeper, I sighed and said that felt good, very good. He suggested we removed the dress and soon I sat naked and feeling horny among the other guests. His probing was perfection and my touching of his cock beneath his trousers roused me even more. Amid kisses and touches i noticed all the guys had their cocks out and were wanking. I said that I needed to see what I had in store for me. Martin stood and slipped his trousers down and took his pants to his knees, a nice seven inches of manhood stood waving in front of my face. I smiled and gave it a quick suck then said that maybe a playroom was where we should be going. I pulled him to me and with my mouth distracting him as I knelt naked between his knees, undid his shoelaces and helped remove his lower layers. I was happy to feel the thickness twitch as I enjoyed rolling my tongue around his bell end and felt him quiver as i licked and used my experience to give him delight. Suitably exposed I suggested we put our clothes in a locker and found our room. We went into the corridor carrying our clothes and put them all in my locker. I fished out my bag of goodies and asked if he liked basques and suspenders or just a suspender belt and stockings or me naked. Typical guy wanted the suspenders and stockings plus the four inch red heels I wore that evening with my red dress.

Martin was very attentive and helped get me dressed in the sussies and made sure my seams were straight which gave him the excuse for spending some time touching my bum and scrutinising it before saying how difficult it was to decide whether he was going to fuck me from behind so he could look at my arse or missionary so he could see my boobs and suck them. I said maybe he could do both, which made him laugh and grab me playfully, at the same time slipping a finger back in my wet cunt. We locked the cabinet and found a playroom which a couple were just emerging from. A window had two voyeurs watching the room as we occupied it, Martin kissing me and playing with my boobs as we sat on the bed facing the watchers. There was double glazing between us and them and a cleaning cloth if it got misted up by somebody breathing on the glass in excitement. I looked at our audience and they were smiling, my cunt was open to their stares and I felt wickedly exposed and ready to be ravished while these two guys wanked themselves off. I resumed sucking him and making a show of each change of direction or using my hands to caress his balls, heavy and full. Martin was fingering me and pulling my lips apart making us look like we were playing a sexy game of twister.

Martin whispered that i needed to lie back now while he gave my cunt some attention. I got in the position and he began. Slowly but very deliberately he licked me and sent me to heaven. His hot breath, his fingers playing their part and his thumb probing under my cheeks and against my bum hole. I felt myself shivering as he dealt me two orgasms in quick succession, my cunt felt it was quivering, it was astonishingly good. He begged me to turn over so he could lick me from behind and when he did he used my bum, licking that too, making me very wet indeed, so wet that though I knew he was pushing a finger in my arse I was that relaxed I had no idea he was deep in it with his middle finger. I came again as he rimmed me, promising to fuck my arse too if I was willing. I said maybe he needed to stay the night in the hotel if we were to do everything he wanted to do. He said that would be fantastic if I would allow it. I was happy to invite him to my room there and then, but first I needed some more fun and fucking.

Our audience was glued to our performance and had been joined by another guy who was wanking a very wide cock but it remained only semi stiff. I asked Martin if he was ready to give me a fucking, he said he was and did he need a condom. I said I hated them and he grinned like he had won the lottery. I looked at our audience who were still very much committed to see us fucking and said to Martin I wanted them to see his cock going in me. He laid back on the bed and faced the window. I went round and faced it too, then leaned back and sat gently on his length, easing him in, reverse cowgirl. That moment when a new cock slips in is magical and Martin gasped as I controlled his depth, easing down all the way. I now was watching the guys watching us and I grinned at them as he fucked me. My tits were feeling great, Martin massaged them, his cock pounded me and I was screwing him. It was an all round effort but I think all five of us were getting a massive turn on by the way martin was filling me up and they could see my cunt being fucked. Very crude if you like, but to people who love sex it was fabulous. All too soon he came. I piled on the pressure, fucking his cock quicker and my tits jiggled heavily to the pleasure of our watchers. As I felt him slipping from me, a large dollop of come splashed out followed by a string of spunk dripping quickly from my fucked cunt.

I felt drained, the energy to ride martin had been better than any gym could offer. Two of our audience had also come and the third was still struggling as we laid back on the bed and kissed lovingly and shut our eyes for a couple of minutes while we came down. We played together and a few people were looking in but seeing we were finished, the guys took a long look at my naked body and leaking cunt and moved on.

When we emerged most of the guests were in varying states of undress but a few were still in outdoor clothes. it felt strange standing at the bar in just my stockings and suspenders with Martin's come still gently forming a stream down my inner thigh. Like a gentleman, he found a tissue on a table and discreetly wiped it away. However another discharge began almost immediately so I said that it felt sexy knowing it was his come and some of the guests might find it a turn on knowing my cunt had recently been filled to overflowing.

Deborah emerged with one of her black studs naked and looking serene, his large cock hanging down suggesting his length was at the least formidable. She spoke to martin and then smiled and said that if we wanted to spend the night together then she would end the night at her black boyfriends house and meet us for breakfast around lunchtime. She then disappeared, leaving us to our own devices. Martin suggested that as it was nearing midnight, the club would fill up a lot more so if I wanted to enjoy a bit longer and then go to the hotel, that was fine. I said I would prefer that we maybe went to the hotel where we could do a bit of experimenting.

We got dressed and returned the few hundred yards to the hotel and went to my room. We were soon naked again and he fucked me from the back and fingered my bum before I got some lube and after washing him and myself, applied the lube to my bum, sucked Martin hard, then lubed him and waited for his big entrance. He was a gentleman and took his time very gently saying if it hurt he would stop. But I am glad to say I took it all, barebacked for the second time that night. I must say this was a superb experience and I felt wicked sleeping in another man's arms after being fucked twice by a very nice man. I wondered what his wife was doing as I heard him slumbering and then I just ran out of steam and slept until morning, when we managed a final fuck in the missionary position and I felt loved without the attachment . A perfect end to the night was a fabulous breakfast with Deborah before I returned home thirty six hours before my flabby hubby strolled back in, dropped his bags at the door and fell asleep with a beer on the table in front of him.

Life was returning to normal. but he was due away for an extended golf weekend a month later and my mind began to wander as to how I might keep myself entertained.

All this was two years ago and we remain married but seem now to occupy different lives while staying in the marital home. My final statement is that divorce is not always the answer but sometimes a little maneouvering is essential to keep sane and healthy