Written by jackie

17 Aug 2016

When I was 21 I met my husband and fell in love or should I say in lust. Looking back over the years it really was lust because once we got together we fucked at every occasion.

I first met Tommy when my college was puting on a its a knockout for a local charity. Tommy was a lecturer at the college and one of the organisers after it was all over like all good students we went to the pub. I have to admit Tommy was more sexy than attractive just something about him and I knew he was interested as he took all opportunity to sit in my company and yes I was flattered. What stopped me letting him make his move was I had heard stories of students having affairs with their lecturers and it never ended well. The next time was at the colleges Halloween Ball, the art department had done a really good job with the hall all black and green luminous paint and black hangings like you were going into a dungeon. Everyone was in fancy dress in keeping with Halloween I was a a very sexy vampire and I had painted 2 fang marks on my neck with drops of blood running down on to my tits. As my crowd entered the hall we were greeted by Dracula dishing out a very lethal punch from a cauldron . He said I see i have already had a bite of you and I realised it was Tommy. Well I do not know what was different that night but my pussy was on fire that night and to be honest all I could think of was having Dracula (Tommy) between my legs. 4 ciders and 2 glasses of punch I was feeling very mellow and then someone started a conga well as we all know it always ends up rowdy. I felt a couple of hands grab my waist and of we went, after acouple of minutes I lost grip of the person in front and I felt myself pulled back. and two arms encircled my waist and pulled me to the side. I giggled and then a voice said at last I have got my hands on you Tommy, and his mouth came down and started to suck on my neck while he pulled me to the side letting the conga line go past us. That mouth was playing havoc with my senses, then he turned me round his tongue making a lovely hot trail down the fake blood to the top of my tits. He pulled me behind the hangings against the wall and well his hands all over my tits pulling them up to get to my nipples which he started to nibble on. I put my arms around him drawing him close he was rock hard, he said I have to fuck you Jackie, me in lust, good idea. He was yanking my costume up his hands between my legs, rubbing at my panties then pulling them down to my knees his fingers probing I was so wet. I managed to undo him his cock ramrod straight and I guided him to my hole he slid in so easily, it was a short hard fuck he did not last long and just as I came I felt him throb and yanked out of me pressed himself against me and spunked onto my costume. We were breathless just clinging on to each other I heard him groan it was over to quick. I came to my senses a little pushed him back pulled my clothes together he tucked his cock away, we must talk Jackie as I pushed past him . I could not believe I had let happen what I never wanted but I have never felt so sexual as at that moment.

I left the hall and went back to my digs my mind in a turmoil why oh why did I let him fuck me. When I woke in the morning my costume was on the floor with tell tale stain of spunk on it it all came flooding back how the heck would I face him at college. I did not have to wait till then as I left my digs there he was siting in his car waiting. He got out Jackie we must talk me trying to say lets forget it but he grabbed my wrist pulled me into his car. I did not speak because the touch of his hand on me all I could see was us fucking against that wall. He was speaking but I was not listening I said drive us somewhere quiet. He said I will take you back to mine I am house sitting for friends who are in the USA. We drove in silence i could see he was wondering what to say when we got to his place I went to the living room he again started to speak but I grabbed him pulled him in for a long sensual kiss. I came up for breath now fuck me properly which he did he played my body like a violin with his mouth and tongue. His hands as they ran over my body were so gentle he stretched my legs his mouth nibbling at the inside of my thighs and then his tongue doing what it does best bringing me to the most wonderful orgasms. Then it was the turn of his cock sliding in his groans of pleasure mixing with mine. This time he took his time long slow strokes, my legs wrapped around him my nails digging into his shoulders in paradise, he quickened his stroke my legs tightened as with a thrust he came inside me flooding me with spunk. It was my turn with my mouth sucking him till he was hard his hand on the back of my head as he bucked into my mouth I heard him say he was about to cum I sucked harder till my mouth was full of him.

Well after that I must take a break very hot and botherd with these memories will wright more.