Written by johnhelen

10 Feb 2007

hi me and my wife helen went to a club in tenariff the other year it was full of local s and a nice club helen has had a few guys and loves big cock but we said no fucking on this holiday any way we were standing at the bar and iwent the toilet when i came back some guy was talking to helen she told me he wanted her to dance and i reminded her we said no fucking she said it just the one dance and of they went four dances later and no sign of them coming back so iwent to the edge of the dance floor to tell helen no more dances helen looked right at me then stated kissing this spanish guy iwent back to the bar 15 minutes later helen came back to me and told me to leave as she was going with him she told me he had a huge cock and he had already fingered her cunt and arse on the dance floor so i wentout side and waited to see she was alright then they came out helen was alover him kissing him and letting him touch her up when they were by the taxi rank helen was squating by a wall and you could see her knickers pulled to one side i went over and told her and she told me to fuck off back to the hotel and wait for her to come back well fucked i did as i was told 3 hours later she came in the room i said was he big and she layed on the bed spread her legs and said look .her pussy was gaping open and all wet and goohie i was then told clean me as i licked her pussy clean she told me all the lovely details of how he fucked her cuct and arse with his monster cocki the put my cock in her and she laughed and said its pathetic i cant feel your tiny willy {im only 5 inch and thin}then i shot this is 1 of many cocks helen has had in the years since helen sampled her first big cock 18 years ago in butlins n/wales if any of helemns past lovers read this contact us through are ad especally paul y her first black guy in chester and in dave g in chester and ruddy and howerd black and white guy she had at frankly service hotel thanks p.s.i am a cuck so please send comments