Written by Anonymous

27 Feb 2019

Ok we had met unremarkably as two people do when on a night out with separate groups of friends. We hit it off straight away. We were not love struck teenagers but had a husband and a wife as yet unsuspecting how fate was dealing a cruel blow. We had a chemistry it was impossible to ignore. Her body was constantly etched in my mind, the beautiful breasts squeezed dangerously in a white tee shirt. Pretty face above the lovely globes and an astonishingly crafted bottom half. I was drooling immediately and in a daze as I trudged home in the winter night, grey skies and cold fingers.

Two months later I was living with her in a small flat having both of us admitting our naughty secrets of adultery. It was a crap time for all concerned but we had to sort ourselves out and shagging every spare minute was a decent enough way of counteracting the guilt and tears.

We were now in spring and the legal procedures were begun. Respective partners were given their fair share of proceedings and the recovery of all of us begun in different circumstances to that fateful day. I was a dirty minded individual with a track record I did not appreciate. Subsequently my girl was warned about my wandering ways. I duly promised it was a tag I neither warranted or deserved but closer analysis brought home to me exactly what a nobhead I had been. Selfish, thoughtless and totally irresponsible. I must add now that this was purely me trying to be a shag them all bloke and thoughtless as to the reality of what misery that caused.

Now having a beautiful woman with a great body and a sense of humour, I resolved to make amends and not fuck this one up. My age was close to being beyond the youthfulness that attracted women without too much fuss. One day I was sitting alone on a riverbank reminiscing when for some reason the tears I had caused rebounded on me and I found myself crying over girls I had been so thoughtless about. Broken hearts and broken promises came flooding back to me for no reason and I found myself feeling desperately miserable for the pain I had caused. I knew I had to expunge these awful images. I did not go to church or seek professional advice but I did decide the fuck em all days were numbered as of that day and time.

Going back home and getting cleaned up and changed before my new lady arrived home, I met her at the door as usual and kissed her tenderly as she came in. I told her to sit down and I needed to address things to make it a statement from that day on. I told her of my past even though she knew a lot already and I earnestly reitterated my love for her and my deepest wish to make our lives as good as I could with her. She sat and listened and reminded me that she had not been the innocent pure virgin herself. This admittance had us fumbling to demonstrate our love for each other and we did in the time honoured fashion. It was in the afterglow that I repeated my dedication to her and that my previously restless cock would now have just one body it would be committed to and that was hers. Then I said something else that shaped our future together.

I said in a moment of deep tenderness that I wanted her to fuck other men if she wished, it was not a flash in the pan because that day I thought hard about my past and present and of the admissions she gave me about her past lovers and it was those tales that gave me a hard on as I sat alone. I could not ignore this strange concept but it was undeniable that I was strongly drawn to the thought of her fucking other cocks. We talked into the night laid in bed, intertwined with heavy fucking sessions and loads of oral. We were in a fug of sexual scents and drugged on the images of her cunt dripping spunk from another cock.

I have no idea of how long this went on. We had forgotten to eat and woke in the small hours both feeling ravenous and we had our food naked at the table and then went back to bed and sagged again as I told her stories of things I would love her to do with other men. We slept and woke, slumbered and fucked and eventually got up for work, kissing and talking dirty to each other, I got a call mid morning and she said how turned on she was from the previous night. I reminded her it was all true what i had said and I really wanted her to have other experiences with and without me. She said she loved me and she would try to make things work for us but it could not be rushed. I knew that deep down but my body had never been one for holding back. I also knew she was right and realised my sheer persistence needed to be curtailed otherwise I would derail any chance of a permanent and loving relationship with a wonderful woman and also the realisation of my inner dirty thoughts.

What a balancing act. Having a woman I wanted to be with permanently, letting her have fun with other guys with my full knowledge and consent and me remaining true to just one lady after a selfish ten years or so and not caring who got hurt as long as I was Ok. On reflection it seems impossible, but faith, honesty and deep love did get the result and rewards for us both.

It is getting late for me to reveal our first extramarital adventure but I assure you that this was the beginning.