Written by Anonymous

28 Feb 2019

Recapping my previous story, our adventures in self imposed monogamy for me was far easier than I thought. Yes I still admired a pretty woman and still do but my now wife has such a wonderful way with her that I just feel friendship if I speak to one of these lovely ladies, admire them, complement them, but never suggest anything illicit. Now why should that be? I hear you ask. Simple, really, my selfish sexual release mechanism has been replaced by learning of the raunchy adventures my wife has with other men. Her recollections combined with pictures taken by her suitor of the day, stained knickers and creampie cunts are evidence of her great capacity to satisfy me and quite obviously other men who have had the pleasure of her. She had also written some accounts of her past dalliances and I admired her wit and sexy use of words as she described her secrets and experiences.

My first experience of this came via a phone call from my lovely lady, Eiizabeth when she rang mid afternoon just as I was preparing to go on night duty at my profession. I was not going to be home until nine the next morning, when she would be at work again. She said that a rather nice man had booked into the hotel she worked at and was staying for three nights. He had stayed for lunch and had been very charming to her, inviting her to have dinner with him. I asked how charming he had been and she said he had given her a kiss after she had done her reception duties and taken him to his room. She actually knew him from previous visits and he had always been chatty and slightly suggestive. My heart was thumping and my throat produced a croaky tone as I mentioned where it might lead. She said she might well have something to tell me next day. I said I would love to see her with him but knew that was impossible. She asked me to get out the clothes I would like her to wear so then I would have some involvement then said she was doing it for me. I said I loved her completely and to enjoy herself that evening. She said she would and she loved me.

Her employment was in a small hotel, where she was more often than not manager, cleaner, cook and waitress. The elderly couple had run the place for years and were mostly retired but came back for the weekends and jazz nights on a Wednesday so apart from the runs to cash and carry and sorting the payments for beer, butchers and laundry, Elizabeth more or less ran the place full time. The man she was going to be entertained by was a rep for a drinks firm and was in the town regularly, staying usually with them unless the tourists were in town so from May to August the place was full and he was obliged to go elsewhere because he liked a double bedroom and he was offered one when there were fewer people around. Pete was not known to me but from a picture of him with the owners from a few years back, I sort of knew the face. He was around mid forties and clean and respectable at face value, he came from the Midlands and apparently had a Derby accent.

I was due at work by five this day so after getting myself prepared, I went to her wardrobe and found a row of dresses. The smell of her body and her perfume wafted my nostrils and I was hard immediately. I chose one of my favourite dresses knowing her breasts looked fabulous in it and that it had a built in bra so no need for that. I put it reverently on the bed and went to her undies drawer and found stockings suspender belt in white and a matching split crutch thong. She had some red shoes which I knew looked hellish sexy and placed her gear neatly on the bed, leaving a note saying 'Happy fucking darling, I love you so much'

I was due out but then dashed to the drawer and got my camera out as an afterthough and added a note pointing towards the camera saying 'maybe?' then left it at that. It was a digital camera and the charge was full. We used it for our personal shots so she would know what I meant.

Work called and I was in a state for most of the night. A few colleagues asked if I was allright and I forced myself to concentrate when in fact my mind was miles away with my wife and wondering what she was doing. Luckily I got a call out with three other colleagues which kept me busy for several hours and when we returned to base it was almost time to leave. A quick cup of tea and check on equipment for the next shift and my night was over. I was in a state of limbo,anxious to know what had happened if indeed anything had, no communication from her, mobile phone service was very poor so she did not take hers with her to work. However I got home and went upstairs. On the bed was a message 'Great night, look at camera, love you even more, thanks' Her dress was hung up and a stained pair of stockings were over the chair back. No sign of her thong, the suspender belt also had some stains on the lace, salty to the tongue (I could not help but lick it). With shaking hands I opened the camera and looked at the screen. Shot after shot of my wife in his room, naked except for the stockings and suspenders, a very pink and puffy pussy in most shots, one of a cock being sucked from an angle above her, my wife's hand wanking a generous shaft and one of the cock being slipped inside her bareback. I had no choice but to wank and come, my eyes closed and my body shaking as I released my pent up emotions through my raging cock. I lay on the bed with tissues soaking up my come. I slept heavily for around half an hour then wearily gathered myself and had a bath.

I changed clothes and then rang her at work. Her voice was warm and she said she had a good night but not much sleep. She said she did not get home until after seven and they had fucked several times, adding that his cock was very nice and he had filled her a few times. I listened, stunned, erect and feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. I spent the rest of the day writing a love letter for her, describing my pride at what she had done for me, adding that it was far better to share her than me going out and looking for personal conquests. I repeated how proud I was that she had taken another man's cock and been fucked so fully. I thanked her profusely for the pictures. She said Pete was a bit wary but liked taking them and had asked her to spend the night with him again as I was on nights. She asked if I minded and I said that it was fine with me. Her relief was obvious and I asked if she wanted me to choose her clothes again as I was happy with the chance of involvement. She said Ok but to forget any panties or she wouldn't have any left as her thong was his souvenir of the night.

So it was repeated again, I chose her clothes and later she returned to the hotel and he fucked her again and she spent the night with him in his bed, producing more photos for me and a stained dress this time as he came as she sucked him in the bar after all the guests had gone and before they went to the bedroom for more. She said it was very exciting sucking in the bar and he got her naked and fucked her down there too and she left her clothes down there until morning.

I had finished my nights so when she got home, she had a choice for his last evening whether he fucked her again or she stayed with me. I won but then suggested we fuck and then she went to meet him after, which she did around ten that night. He was waiting in the bar and she took over from the barman and served herself to him in the empty hotel. A stunning start to a lifestyle we have adapted as time goes on. We are not as active as in those days but we still have fun with others and have a varied and fulfilling life.