Written by office door wank

18 Dec 2012

Many years ago I had an office in the bus station of a large city in Yorkshire, the door of which opened onto the concourse wher passenger going to and fro for busses would pass within inches

Saturdays were usually very busy, that was the day my passenger used to call and we would have a cup of tea together.

When he was ready to leave to catch his bus home we would stand in the door way him in front on me and I standing close behind.

He would reach behind himself and unzip my trousers then get my already erection out and slowly wank me.

This would continue as passengers passed just on front of us and some would even say good afternoon or such.

The feeling of being close to cumming I would tell him to slow down so it would last longer.

A minute or two before he needed to go for his bus he would tighten his grip slow wank me with a tight hand and bring me to a climax and I mean a massive climax, better than any other way I can remember.

This went on week after week when I was on the afternoon shift

On other occasions he wold visit later in the evening and we would lock the door so he could kneel in front of me and suck me as I sat legs wide apart at my desk.

If the phone rang I would answer it still being sucked.

The thought of some poor woman or guy at the other end, if only they knew what was happening as they asked me for information.

Unfortunatly he stopped coming and I never knew what happened to him and why he stopped