Written by Swanny_67

22 Jun 2009

Though I have sat and read through many of the stories on here, trying to decipher if they were real or not? But hey who really cares after all it is entertainment when all said and done, so I thought it about time to put my own story down, see how it goes and take things from there.

It all happened a few years ago when I was a lot younger than I am now, I used to get the bus in and the bus back home again, Just easier, anyway the local swimming pool used to be down the road and a girl that lived in the same village as me used to catch the same bus. Now she was no looker or anything like that, but hey they all need loving. Anyway the small talk started, talking about nothing really, and developed into different things, now as she was a bit older than me at the time, it felt dirty and mishchevious of me. She had fantasic tits that was plainly obvious through her clothes.

Anyway one night when we had got off the bus i decided I would walk the extra few hundred yards just to make sure she got home alright, OK there was an ulterior motive behind it as well. So walking along to a secluded area of garages that were between my street and hers, I asked her if she wanted to slip behind the garages for a couple of minutes, of course she acted all innocent and surprised at the request, but I knew she was up for some action.

Once behind the building, I slipped my hand up her top to feel her ample breasts, and boy did they fel good, tweaking about with the nipple got me rock hard, bursting out of my trousers almost, I pulled her top up to reveal her tits in the open, and sucked on her nipples, boy did they get really erect and stiff, and her breathing started to get loder by the minute. She then reached down and took my cock out of my trousers and rubbed it back and forth, until she dropped down and took me into her mouth. She initially just rubbed the end against her lips, but eventually started to take me deeper and deeper into her mouth, all the time i had my hands on the back of her head. I could feel myself getting to that point in the proceedings where it was either stop and carry on elsewhere or finish the event there for the time being. So being the selfish one that I am, of course I got her to stop, I lifted her skirt up, and stuck my hands between her legs, and felt her wetness, by this time her breathing was almost at a panting stage. I rubbed my hand between her legs and across her clitoris, making her gently moan with pleasure, all the time she was getting wetter and wetter, making my hand wet and my fingers drip with her juices. I so wanted to taste this for myself, so crouching down I started to lick her, tasting her, slowly flicking my tongue over her swollen clitoris, and eventually making her come all over my mouth, it is the first time I have ever experienced a squirter, and boy did she need it, she covered my mouth and face with her juices. She then bent over and placed her hands on the floor and told me to fuck her until I came deep inside of her. Now who was I to refuse a lady in distress.

With her arse facing me I rubbed my hand again over her swollen clit, before slowly placing my cock between her legs and gently stroking her back and forward, before going for it ful whack until I could feel the ends of my toes curling up in anticipation, I was about to come, when she must have sensed, she moved turned around and buried my cock between her lips and sucked my cock for all of its worth, making me come in the back of her throat.

Now this was one occasion, but I can assure you that I really enjoyed my wednesday nights after that for a few months, until like most things it just petered out. But that gave me a good footing for things to come