Written by Dave

15 Feb 2007

I have written a few stories on here about actual events that really have happened. I think mine are in the minority! Some get accepted, some not but never mind. Ths happened about 18 months ago. My girlfriend Jane likes dressing up and doesn't mind some limited fun like flashing and a bit of playing around. She has let a few other guys fuck her but this is only after quite a few drinks. If you're looking for an account of screwing by 10 blokes or 12inch cocks I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

Anyway on this day I'd asked Jane if she'd come out for a drive. She knew what I meant and when she returned a few minutes later she'd got on her long black overcoat. When she opened it up she'd got on no bra, but a pair of black seamed stockings, a black pvc suspender belt, black satin panties and her thigh-high boots (which she'd never put on outside the bedroom before). She also had one a black nylon half slip and that was it! No skirt, no blouse. We drove off to a small wooded area nearby and got out to have a stroll. Now Jane had got her coat wide open. WE didn't expect to meet anyone but to us just her being exposed and the THOUGHT we just might meet someone is exciting enough. After a while we were feeling pretty horny and and we laid down. She took the coat off and laid on it. I soon eased her panties to one side and was fingering her. I saw this guy taking his dog for a walk but didn't stop as I found it exciting. I then eased my cock in and he had walked right up and had his cock out. I glanced up at him and sort of beckoned him over. Jane didn't even know he was there. By now he was knelt down next to us. So I took Jane's hand and placed it on his pretty impressive cock. I would say he was about 65 years old but he had a superb erection. Without looking up Jane started wankingg his cock furiously as I fucked her. He actually came first all over Jane's slip. He got up and probably went to look for his dog. I then shot my load up Jane. It was an incredible experience and probably even more so as she never actually saw the man at all.

We both look forward to your comments and promise to read them.