Written by South-anon

4 Jan 2008

I met a really sexy guy in his forties called Ian recently at a conference - we had an instant connection, I felt sure we wanted each other and we got on like the proverbial house on fire. We had a few drinks and he told me that he and his girlfriend had an open relationship - and I believed him but we were well behaved and went our seperate ways at the end of the night.

A couple of weeks later I arranged to meet him for a coffee at his office (which he doesn\'t share) - and I wore a low cut top which showed off my firm, 34C breasts to their best advantage. I perched on the sofa opposite him and we chatted about this and that - and I felt sure there was a real tension between us but nothing happened, nothing was said and I left after about 40 minutes. However a few minutes after I left I got a text from Ian saying \'Christ, sorry - I couldn\'t stop looking at your fantastic tits\'. Game on, I thought!

Over the coming days we began emailing and were soon swapping steamy fantasies about what we\'d do to each other in his office if we met again and I found myself getting so turned on by the thought of this guy that I had to go to the loos at work and bring myself off - just so I could get some work done! Before I quite knew what I\'d done I\'d arranged to visit him again the following week - and Ian was very strict and told me I had to wear a short skirt, heels, no knickers and no bra or he wouldn\'t let me in!

I turned up at the agreed time in a short skirt and no knickers, my pussy wet as hell but feeling conscious that my tits were bouncing around without a bra underneath my thin top as I walked through the open plan bit of his work. Ian opened his door and looked delighted as I brushed past his so he could feel my unconstrained tits (with nipples hard as bullets). As he shut the door he hing his suit jacket over the small window in the door so I felt sure our fantasies were going to become reality.

We sat as before - me on the sofa and him opposite on a chair and again made small talk, me wondering constantly whether anything was going to happen or whether this was a silly game I\'d fallen for, with my fanny so hot underneath me that I could feel a pulse beating between my legs, when Ian said \'So\' and got up and walked over and sat next to me on the sofa and I thought I might cum then and there, but I kept my cool and I looked at him while I inched my skirt up over my smooth bare thighs so he could see I was knickerless, and he slipped his hand under my skirt as I moved to kneel next to him with my knees apart, and he brushed his fingertips along my wetness.

This made me gasp - quietly as I was aware of his colleagues outside his office door and as he rubbed my clit I leaned forward and started to kiss him passionately and hard and he pulled me astride him and started to grind his cock against me - it was amazingly hard and felt thick and bulky under his suit trousers. He kissed me again, opening my mouth with his tongue and forcing it inside before pulling my head back with my hair and kissing my neck and throat which felt amazing. He pulled my top off and buried his face in my tits, gently cupping them and stroking them before pinching and biting the nipples hard and my breathing quickened.

He said he wanted to lick me - and I\'ve never wanted anything more in my life - and he sat my back on the sofa, pulling my hips forwards and pushing my legs apart, before stretching apart the lips of my pussy and running his tongue over my tight clit, sucking it and teasing it and then fucking me with two fingers while insistently pushing my to cum with his tongue. I soon started to feel the waves lap inside me and I could feel my cunt tighten around his fingers as I came instensly, holding my hand over my mouth so as to keep quiet.

I sat back up and we grinned at each other - aware of how horny we both felt, and I got to my feet and stepped out of my skirt so I was naked apart from my heels, and knelt in front of him, released his magnificent cock from his suit trousers and began to suck it. This is a speciality of mine and I began to tease him with my tongue, then taking him deep in my mouth, making my lips hard then soft, the strokes fast then slow, until he had his hands deep in my hair and was pulling my mouth onto his cock harder and harder until he pulled away so as not to cum yet.

He looked at me with the horniest look I\'ve ever seen in my life, breathing hard with heavy eyes, and pulled me astride his knee, and drove his amazing cock into me as hard as he could and I had the ride of my life. As he held my hips hard to fuck me harder I leant back so I could feel him grind against the G spot in my cunt, and could almost see his pumping cock through my belly as my muscles gripped him.

I licked my finger and slipped my hand between my legs to wank myself as he fucked me and I was soon coming again, harder this time and it was Ian who needed to hold his hand over my mouth as I shuddered again and again. He pulled me up again and leading me to his desk leant me forwards over it, holding my hips, his fingernails digging in, he drove himself into my cunt hard and I could feel his balls swing against the top of my thighs I pushed back against him and he groaned softly, struggling to keep quiet as I felt his cock pulse as he shot his hot load into the johnnie.

We sat back on the sofa exhausted and amused as fuck at what we\'d just done in his office - hoping no one had heard. I\'ve not been back yet but boy do I want to!