Written by treecreeper

18 Dec 2013

The strangest coincidences occurred over a short passage of time. Rewind one year, close to Christmas and wet and obviously dark night. It was around seven in the evening and my wife was just returning from the local shop in our village when she saw a man aged around thirty and smartly dressed but quite distressed. Being the good Samaritan type, she asked if she could help. Slurring his words, he said he could not find his house. Turned out he had been on a works do and had a load more drink than he was used to.

She told him she was going to get me and came inside, so the two of us tried to calm him enough to get some sort of sense out of him. In the end we walked him round the neighbourhood and after only about ten minutes he recognised his street, only about three hundred yards from ours. He was so relieved but we walked him to his door as he was still very unsteady and incoherent most of the time. He identified the house and as he could not find his key, I knocked on the door and a not too impressed, but very tidy wife answered and he stumbled through the door. She said thanks and probably through embarrassment, closed the door quickly on our faces. We had a laugh at him living quite close but us not recognising him. Marie, my wife said she thought he would look nice sober and as we have an open marriage, we wondered if he might make a prospective lover. Marie said he might be worth chatting to if she saw him again. I on the other hand had not missed how trim his wife was.

Roll forward about four weeks into late January and at a Burns night, we saw him again and I got the nod from Marie to make myself scarce. I left her to use her charm on him and she returned to our house about two hours later to say she had a date for the next night in York at a hotel with Dave. She said he had little recollection of the night he was pissed but had been given a hard time by his wife for it. I grinned at her and asked if he measured up and she said a quick grope at the end of the evening revealed a nice firm bulge which he kept pushing into her groin.

Next night she was gone before I came in from work, but she left a couple of pictures of her preparing for her meet, two nice shots, one naked reflected in the mirror, and one with her new set of matching dark blue and lace bra suspender belt and thong with black stockings, a real cock stirrer for me, the message she had left next to them read, 'hope he likes them will be a bit stained when I get home' That guaranteed a hard on for the night from me.

Marie arrived home at around five in the morning, sleepy sore and stained, her stockings streaked with cum stains and that well fucked look on her sexy face. They had had a drink in the bar at the hotel and then gone straight to his room, he stripped her down to her undies and took in the sight before getting bra and thong off and taking her in her stockings and suspenders, a man after my own heart. She said he was about the same length as mine but his technique was different and very exciting as he seemed to penetrate her beautiful shaved cunt deeper than I get. They had spent around seven hours naked together and over the period she had sucked him off once and been fucked three times although he did not manage to cum in her on the last fuck.

Marie said he wanted to make it a regular lovers meeting and she agreed she would ride his cock and would fuck with him when she could as they had that frisson between them, an acceptance of being married to other people yet be lovers for sex whenever they could. There was no intention of leaving each other's partners so the ideal relationship could ensue and still does today a year on.

Now the next coincidence, I saw Dave's wife a few times shortly after getting him home and as I recognised her, asked if he was ok. She said he was but had a thick head next day and did not drink for four or five days after the event. We finished up me carrying her bags back from the shops and she made a cup of tea as reward. We chatted and I noticed just how trim her figure was and the picture of her on their wedding day showed she was a stunner. It was about five years since they married and her pretty face and lovely figure was still evident beneath less flattering every day clothes. We seemed to bump into each other regularly and Dave was fucking Marie probably twice a month when Eve, Dave's wife started to get a bit more friendly, peck on the cheek at first and then a kiss on the lips and a cuddle.

The shopping bags ploy needed upgrading and as the warm weather came, she dropped jeans for a skirt and then engaged in inviting me round to do a bit of DIY as Dave was useless at it. A new panel of fencing and a bit of gardening got me round regularly, but the day I turned up to mow her lawn to find her in a bikini on a sun lounger was a game changer. I felt my cock rearing in my shorts as I saw her very lovely body almost covered by a few skimpy bits of material held together with the thinnest string. She kissed me and I said she looked fabulous. I could see one nipple exposed and the other straining at the tiny bra cup, she sighed and said how nice it was. I said I agreed the view was wonderful.

I went to the shed and got the mower out then turned round and saw she had removed both scraps of material and was naked on the lounger. I left the mower intending to use it later. Eve stood up and said come inside. I was transfixed by her sexy bum. I looked round, guilt? no, just checking the secluded garden was not overlooked by any windows and I knew the immediate neighbours all worked. She went into the bedroom and beckoned me through. We kissed passionately and my shorts and pants were tugged down by Eve, who was as keen as me to enjoy some carnal pleasure. We were all over each other, both naked, groping, fingering sucking and licking as we explored each other visually and with tongues and gentle probing from our fingers. She knew how to please and took my cock between her lips and sucked me almost to completion then stopped and straddled me, her on top, easing my cock inside, urging me to fill her. My thoughts went to Marie, but my cock was in Eve and the moment was close, my spunk was ready to flood her willing cunt, she begged me to fuck her.

With great efforts, I held back for probably a minute maybe two, but then had to let it go. She squealed excitedly as I filled her and she smothered me with kisses and said she had really needed that and she fancied me being able to visit and fuck her whenever I could. in the afterglow she talked and revealed she thought her husband was playing away as he was neglecting her. I knew this was tricky ground but she said she needed sex and as long as I could satisfy her with no strings, as she did not actually love me but needed a sex prop until he had come back to her as she knew he loved her.

I said I would treat her desires and needs as a friend and respect her needs and decisions with absolute discretion, nobody need know our secret and hopefully Dave would realise what a great wife he has.

This did the trick, she smiled and said she trusted me. I lay back next to her and reflected just how bizarre, yet fulfilling the situation was. Dave was playing away and my wife was fucking him and enjoying it, his wife was getting her sex from me and they were both keeping it secret from each other, whereas Marie and I were capable of discussing things and turning each other on with our side of the situation. Dave still screws my wife and I his. I am happy that Eve confides in me and Marie keeps feeding Dave with suggestions on how to keep Eve happy, which he seems to do a bit more of recently, Maybe the relationship will wither and die, but I am happy to enjoy Eve's body for as long as it lasts and Marie satisfies Dave a little less frequently of late. I hope they remain together, it will not be for a lack of effort and understanding from us if not, but I do realise that life needs love and understanding and in reality honesty is the best policy, happy Christmas everyone