Written by J

27 Aug 2015

Married with wife 12 years. Good sex life but I got bored a little. One day some other guy sent her text on SM. clearly trying to chat her up so just laughed it off. Told her to tell him to get stuffed. Anyway she did but over coming days kept texting her wanted to meet her. Then he called her and both started to chat. I told her to play along and she didn't mind. Next thing started talking dirty and asking her if she liked big cock. This point got pissed and told her not to respond and she was embarrassed. Few days later in bed laughed it off but clear from hints she wanted to talk to him. I told her that she could and in any event made me horny.

Few days later he was still calling her late night and she was loving it. I then asked her if she wanted to meet him. She was very unsure and nervous. She said that it was crazy. I managed to convince her to ask him for a picture of him and his big cock. She got picture back and went all wet and shy. Clear she liked the size and fancied him. I arranged a meet in the evening and dropped her off at a car park where he was waiting. He looked like he as excited and she was all dolled up. S he asked if I was sure and I said yes have a good time. I went up to him shook his hand and said to him to bang her brains out and try fucking her ass if she gets horny as I haven't managed it. He laughed and said she is stunning. He went up to her kissed her and put his hands on her ass. She looked at me with a smile and off they went.

Longest 3 hours ever. I went home heart pounding and stomach in bits but extremely horny at what I had seen. Was imagining her getting pounded by a big cock. Anyway, called her about 20 mins in and she replied all happy and relaxed. She laughed with me and said all was ok and they were going to an adult sauna (not knowing what one is). She seemed ok but very excited. Called me later to say t hat going in can't take phone in. Spoke to him he said her body was amazing and that he was very lucky. Told me not to worry that he would drop her off at car park at 12pm.

I was there an hour early just waiting. Then car approached he came out opened her door. I didn't know what to expect at t his stage. I was nervous that she had a crap time. She came out quite happy and they snogged each other goodbye. She came and sat in car with a big smile and kissed me. Then she said I can't walk and I can't sit. Told me to take her home. Then with a smile she thanked me and said she had been pounded 3 times for over 1 hour. He had done her in every position and she had given him her arse hole because he convinced her that it was best to cum in her arse. I took her home then without any words fucked her arse. She loved it. Now she loves anal. Success!!!!