Written by Bettyboo2007

5 Mar 2008

I had started work at an raf base as a chef a year ago, Ive been in a relationship for five years and very happy. On my first day at work i met Tom who I just could not keep my eyes off and hands it turned out in the end. So the affair started about an hour into my new career, I stood at the coffee machine at lunchtime, he stood behind me, both of us silent but when i turned and looked at him, i could tell he felt the same raw lust that i was also expeiriencing for him.

That evening as i left work Tom called me in to his office to give me my contract to sign and told me that alll the staff were meeting after work for a drink if id like to join them. My head was spinning! i told him id meet him at eight.

I got home and wanked furiously at the thought of his naked body against mine. I had a bath and shaved my pussy by now swollen and wet just at the thought of Tom inside me.

Well we all met up and went to some bars when everyone started dancing when he pulled me nearer and we started dancing and grinding against each other, the smell of his neck was driving me mad and the feel of his cock pressing on my stomach as we danced nearly drove me so mad i didnt care who saw.

I whispered in his ear that i wanted him and his cock grew harder, he whispered back that he had booked a hotel. this is how the best night of my life started and i was dripping wet in anticipation. We got out of the bar and onto the street when i pulled him up an allyway and unzipped his cock and dropped to my knees and started wanking and sucking it, he was a big boy and he was loving it, so he should be at 15 years my senior and i am gorgeous by the way.He carried on thrusting into my mouth until he nearly came when he pulled me up and thrust me forward with my face grazing on the concrete wall, he told me to open my legs wide apart, which i did, he went down on me from behing and finger fucked me hard and fast. He was rough with me and i was so horny. finally he drgged me down the allyway even further onto some wet grass and he ripped my dress of and kissed me hard on the lips and fucked me stupid pumping away like a mad man, i told him to go faster and harder and he came all over and in my ass. more to come