17 Jan 2017

Well I guess it's best to start at the beginning. I married Simon when I was 19 and he was 24, both of us were pretty naive when it came to sex, I was definately a virgin and had only really fumbled around with a few guys in the past but nothing heavy. Having been brought up good catholics we waited until we were married and then quite quickly fell in to a steady routine of what we considered 'normal' sex. Me on my back, in thedark, Simon jumping up and down for a few mins, then roll over and off to sleep. Pleasant enough, not earth moving but we were happy.

We'd been married 3 yrs and went on holiday to Greece in a really nice hotel. We were staying in one of the little chalets in the grounds, it was beautiful a real dream holiday. After a few days we got friendly with an older couple, they were really posh and helped us out by taking us around the area in their car, and were quite kind to us as they realised we didn't have much money. We used to meet up for dinner and then spend a few hours in the bar afterwards where they told us stories about their travels and lifestyle. Steve was an officer in the army so they had travelled around a lot and lived in Germany for a while which all seemed very glamorous to us, and Lynn was a horsey type, quite attractive confident and spoke her mind.

One night as we came to leave to go back to our chalets it was pouring with rain and they said let's go up to our room and wait it out so we did. They had some booze in the rioom so we just carried on talking and drinking. After a while it was clear the rain wasn't going to stop, and we were all pretty pised, so Lynn said just stay here, they had twin beds so it would be OK., so we did. It was slightly awkward at first but she leant me one of Steve's T Shirts and we went to bed, no funny stuff, no strip poker, or anything remotely sexual. But that was the night our lives would change for ever.

In the middle of the night I woke up hearing muffled noises, I didn't know what they were but it was clear they were coming from the other bed. The room was in darkness but there was just enough light coming through the curtains so you could just make out shapes, and I could see Lynn was doing something under the sheets just a few feet from us. I just lay there watching and listening and getting turned on to be honest, as was Simon by now I could tell because I could feel his cock pressing in to my back. As we got more and more worked up listening to them, Simon was now playing with me and I must have moaned because it all sudenly went quite. Then Lynn giggled and just carried on, except now she didn't try to hide what she was doing. She was moaning louder, and telling Steve what to do. She had pulled the sheets off them so we could make out the were naked and he was going down on her.

Remember up until now we had never dreamt of watching someone having sex, but this was amazing, a real turn on. Simon was getting in to the game and kept trying to pulll the sheet off us, but I kept covering myself up. He was fingering me and I was playing with his cock, and eventually he managed to get the sheet away so I knew they could probably tell what he was doing. Then she turne on the bedside light :-)

I was laid on my back, legs open wth Simon fingering and Lynn just looked staight between my legs, then straight in to my eyes and smiled saying "enjoy"....and we did. She iked to take control of things so she was talking to us all the time, really dirty too, asking Simon if he liked her cunt, or Steve if he liked seeing Simon finger mine. Showing me Steve's cock and telling me how hard it was, all a massive turn on for us. We didn't swap, but we fucked and played all night, showing off, being told what to do, An amazing, drunken, dirty night and I loved it. The start of many, many wild nights during our marriage, and more was to come.