Written by Debby

21 Jul 2010

A few of you guys may remember,I put a story on here about how a tiny car smash,lead to me having the most wonderful sex with the black guy that was involved,a lot of your comments suggested,that now i had been with a blk guy more would follow,My first reaction was no way,I am in a relationship,and as wonderful as that night was,i was not going to repeat it,I have to admit i was wrong,My partner sometimes,not very often has to spend a cple of nights away with work,and it was on one of these nights,His sister and i,went to a cocktail bar in a hotel,thats open to the public,Anyway whilst we were in the bar,i noticed a black guy,And it seemed everytime i looked at him he was looking back at us,Suddenly he came over and asked if we wanted a drink,Angie [my blokes sister] answered with a stern no,which was quite embarrasing,I had to be careful because of who i was with,but i could not keep my eyes off him,and we swapped smiles whenever we could,soon i had to use the ladies,and i was so glad,there was only the 2 of us,as it meant she had to stay at the table,as i passed him i smiled and mouthed sorry,somehow i just knew as i left the bathroom he would be waiting,and i was not wrong,we only had a cple of seconds to speak,and he said quite bluntly,he is a resident there and why when i drop my friend off dont i come back for a drink,I just smiled and said maybe,At that actual moment i was thinking no,but the seed was set,Angie and i left around 10pm and got a cab,And all the way to her house i was thinking shall i,As soon as i dropped her off my mind was made up and i told the driver sorry i have forgot something and will you take me back to the hotel,He asked what i had forgot,i could hardly say a 6ft black guy,so i ignored him,As we arrived he was waiting for me and paid the cab,I did not think i had made it that obvious,i would be back,as we both smoked we stood outside and had a cigarette,and talked a little,On going back inside,he actually put his arm around me,and lead me in,At first i thought it was a little bit forward,But with hindsight i had gone back,and we both knew it would be for more than just a drink,We stayed in the bar for a while,and it was obvious to all we were a cple,And after a while he suggested we go up,to which i just took his hand,at no time did i think,what are you doing,As soon as we got to his room we kissed,Although the room was nice the only place we could both sit was the bed,He removed his jacket and shirt and i was reminded just how much of a turn a black guys body is,As i admitted last time giving oral is not one of my favourite things,But all i wanted to do was get his dick in my mouth,Iundone his trouser and pants and as i was sitting,it was no problem slipping him in my mouth,And god i was loving the feeling of him growing in my mouth,The funny thing was i have no recollection of my own cothes coming off,Quite a feat when your sitting down,and giving oral,but the next thing i knew,i was naked lying back with my legs open for him to enter me,I watched his beautiful black body,as he guided his black dick in me,and loved the feeling as he got deep inside,Although it did not last long that first time my pleasure was undescribable,I could feel him building up to cum,and wanted him more than anyting to cum in me,i am not sure if he sensed this,or i pulled his buttocks into me,but soon i felt that warm feeling you get when a guy cums deep in you,and i just lay there until he slipped from me,Obviously i stayed the night,and you dont need telling what happened,as you know,But i will just add i let him and enjoyed him coming in my mouth and had no hesitation of swallowing him,So maybe you guys are right,as thats two now,both one night stands,and i am sure there will be more,i will keep you posted if you wish,But apart from when my parted and i tried swinging,I cant remember giving myself so easy.Maybe i am more into black guys than i realised