Written by princess

29 Dec 2010

WE met on a sex web site, exchanged phone numbers and the flirting started, we told eachother what we wantted, he told me things i had never thought of, as i read his text my eyes grew wider. we aranged to meet, i was so unsure about it that i got him to pick me up from a mates house. He turned up in his BMW looking very sexy. as i got in his car he gave me a box and said i couldnt open it until later.

We drove to a country pub where he ordered me a large wine, as i took hold of it my hands were shaking...Shit i thought iam here with a 40 something old guy and i was only 28...

We talked about the text messages and seemed to get on ok, as the night went on i was drinking more and more... i needed this to control my nerves.

As we left the pub i felt rather tipsey..i got in the car and he told me to hold the box tight as i would need it later..

He drove us back to his house, as i walked in holding the box he told me to stand still and not move, my heart raced as he left me in the hall way...He came back a few minutes later and kissed me telling m i had been a good girl for the master.

He the ordered me to place the box on the table and to kneel down and to keep looking at him, he undid his trousers and i could see his cock spring out, it was big and thick, i could see pre cum too...he told me to be a good girl and to keep looking at him and to lick his cock...it tasted all salty i licked and sucked the tip of his cock...i just stood there, then he pushed my head on his cock i thought i was going to chock, he fucked my mouth so deep i couldnt breath, he shot his load and pinched my nose and told me to swollow like a good girl..i felt so wet in my knickers i wantted to cum..

He then passed me the box and told me to go into the lounge and strip off, then place the items from the box on my body, as i stood in the lounge shaking thinking what the hell have i got my self in too i opened the box there were nipple clamps in there and a small vibrator...i did as i was told...he walked in with a bag, he sat on the floor and told me to stand above him...he pulled my clit and rough finger fucked me..i was moaning as he run his fingers from my wet pussy to my arse..he fingered it omg it felt tight and just not right but at the same time good, he shoved the vibrator in my pussy then in my arse...as he licked my pussy, god i wantted to cum...he did this for what felt like ages until my legs started to tremble...i cumm all over his face...he pulled me down on to him and made me lick my own cum from his lips and face...vibrator still in my arse i felt his rock hard cock on my clit..he just pulled me on top of it, shit it hurt, so wide and deep.

he bit my nipples so fucking hard he made m scream, the more i screamed the harder he bit me, he made me so fucking wet then he told me to get off and to bend over the poof,.

As a good girl i did as he told me, my body was shaking not knowing what was to come next...he kissed down by back then i could feel wet liquid it was cold, then the smell, baby oil there was loads it ran down by back to the crack of my arse and i could feel it dripping down my thigh...he started to rub my arse and pussy teasing me...he pushed his cock in my pussy then pulled it out, the then fingered me as i felt the tip of his cock open my arse...i screamed it was tight he was going to hurt me for sure,

he then slipped more than a cpl of fingers in my pussy...fuck it felt good, as he worked on my pussy i relaxed more and before i know it he was fisting my pussy stretching me wide...as i screamed he was getting rough with me, he pushed my body down in to the poof and i felt he cock go deep in my are, shit it hurt so much it was pain and pleasure all in one. He fucked my are for what felt like ages and he fisted my pussy...he cumm loads and as he did i squirted all over his hand, i had never doe that before he pulled his hand out slowly and i squited more, i thoought i was pissing...

I just lay thee i felf so sore i couldnt move...that was my first time at many thing but not my last....