Written by somedude_85

22 Feb 2010

Time for part 2 - sorry for the delay. More events to tell of in future posts though!

So the next morning we got up relatively late and headed into town for a bit of shopping. We had decided to head to Ben and Susan's for an early dinner, so had the rest of the morning and the afternoon to burn. Despite the fact she'd brought a whole suitcase for the 2 nights, Karen decided she needed a new top. Knowing what the night would bring, I didn't complain!

530 arrived and I knocked on their door. Karen was looking stunning - she'd done her hair really nice, and, currently hidden beneath a cardigan, she was wearing a very sexy top showing off a very nice amount of cleavage. Lower down, she wore a tight-fitting (aka arse hugging!) skirt and, she assured me, no panties.

She was a bit nervous, but when Susan answered the door and greeted me with a kiss, and then her with a big hug, she calmed down quite a lot. We headed inside, greeted by the smell of some lovely food that Ben was cooking.

The evening started innocently enough - Dinner was served pretty quickly and we sat around the table having a good old natter and laugh for a couple of hours. Can't fuck on a full stomach! We moved into the lounge to get more comfy, each couple on their own sofa. I've sat on those sofas a few times now as sex filled the air, and that night was no different - it was the thing everyone wanted, but noone wanted to bring up first!

In honesty, I can't remember who did bring it up first, but we were soon chatting away about it. Karen was interested to hear from them about our exploits, and they about ours. I was getting very hard and ready to bust out of my jeans. I noticed Ben twiddling too, so I decided to start things off.

"Well, I make no apologies here, but my cock is about to pop out of these jeans so I'm just going to let it out!" I undid my button and flies, scooped my cock over my pants and sat back down. The ladies were laughing their arses off, and Ben decided to follow suit. So, us blokes sat back with cocks out as the ladies giggled at us.

Susan commented to Karen that she liked my cock, and Karen said she'd never had complaints, and decided to grab hold and take over my stroking. Within a few minutes, me and Ben were both getting fantastic blowjobs. Karen was standing up, but leaning forward, and Susan decided to leave Ben to check out her arse - it really is a GREAT arse! A slight look of apprehension crossed Karen's face as Susan pulled up her skirt, but that was soon replaced by please as Susan inserted some fingers into her wet pussy. She was then on her knees behind Karen, licking away.

Ben was tugging away on the other sofa whilst I was treated to a fantastic blowjob, interrupted only when Karen had to stop to moan. I could feel myself getting close so stopped Karen to just watch. "Cum for me baby" Karen said, with her sexy eyes looking up at me. Susan agreed and beckoned me round so I jumped up, got behind Karen and came in her pussy within a few pumps. Not sure I've ever come so much in my life! Karen went to collapse forward, but Susan spun her round so she was sitting and started licking her cummy pussy. Ben was over in a flash and joining in.

Karen was in ecstasy as they licked her and nibbled her thighs. I was on the couch next to her, sucking her tits and talking dirty to her. "You want his Cock, don't you?" I asked her, and she nodded. "Yea, course you do. What do you want?" "His cock" She wispered back. "Can't hear you..." "Ohh, I want his cock!" she almost screamed. He didn't need asking twice. He fucked as she laid back on the couch, and she they kissed and he sucked her tits. Susan had come round to me and had a leg up on the sofa whilst I sucked her pussy. We soon switched places, so it was both ladies on the couch, with us fellas going at them.

Soon, Ben said he was going to cum, and I asked him to do it over her tits. He did so willingly and I licked and sucked them as he did, lapping us his cum. With my cock raging to go again, I got Susan on her back on the floor and fucked her hard and fast. Karen and Ben were shagged out, and watched as I fucker her deep and frantically, ending with us both cumming simultaneously.

The evening played out in a similar vein, and I must have cum over 10 times. We crashed on the sofas and floor sometime in the middle of the night. We were so knackered the next day that we didn't manage to shag again, as we had to check out of the hotel, but it was a brilliant evening which we plan on repeating soon :)

As I mentioned at the start of this post, a few more things have transpired since this day, so expect more posts soon :)