Written by Bluebayou

3 May 2007

My wife Linda and I had been Invited to a friends party just

along the street from us,this was on a friday night.Over the past few weeks we had noticed quite well dressed people going to the house in quite fany cars,so the next day I asked Edward,who was giving the party how should we dress for

the evening,nothing to special as it will be quite a relaxed evening with about 25 guests,okay then see friday night.

I explained to Linda what Edward had said,okay then thats fine.

When I arrived home from the office on the friday night,I was

greeted at the door by Linda who was dressed up to knock everyone dead.She was wearing a low,low cut mini dress which it seemed her beautiful tits was just being held up by her nipples,I said well darling you know what effect thats going to have on the male guests don't you,I lifted her dress to find just a mini thong underneath to finnish it off.At this point my prick was rising as I could have fucked right there on the spot,she felt my prick rising against her stomach and said David we can fuck later.

A short while later we left to get to the party on time,we were greeted by Dina,Edwards wife,it was the first time I had seen her so close and she was just stunning.Anyway we were led through to the living room where quite a few of the guests were already there and deep in studying everyone around the room.We had dinner which seemed to pass very quickly with every one begining to be very loose,the music started and the couples were starting to smooch away in the very dimly lit room.A guy came over and asked Linda to dance

she got up and started a slow just a few feet away from me,

after about the third dance I looked over to see how Linda was getting on,in the dim light it was hard to see through the other couples on the dance floor.I gently passed through the couples who were into some heavy snoging and groping.Just

in front of me I saw two guys not moving very much as I got next to them one said hold on mate you will get your turn soon.I looked down and what did I see but Linda with the guys

cock down her throat she was switching sucking both their cocks at the same time.For a moment I thought what the fuck is she doing,though at the same time my prick was like a rock

and then everyone else started to mingle around us and started to strip.Another woman shouted lets get upstairs and make

it intersting.

By the time I got to the first bedroom and looked in what did I see,Linda was on her back with pricks being presented to her left and right.She saw me looking and said come and join us,it didn't take me more than a couple of seconds to strip of I walked to the bed and saw a prick much bigger than

mine pumping away in her cunt while another prick was stuffed

down her throat,just then Dina tapped me on the shoulder and said David let me feel your prick in me,I didn't hesitate I pushed her on to the bed and slipped my prick into her waiting cunt.In no time at all another prick was given to her

mouth to suck which she did with some eagerness.David she said fuck me doggy style and fuck me hard you bastard.I rolled her overand put my prick back in her cunt which by now

was so fucking wet.I pumped her for about ten minutes and then I couldn't hold and I shot my come in her cunt.

I now wanted to go over and see how Linda was doing,no need to ask,she was being well serviced by three cocksone up her lovely arse another in her cunt with which they seemed to be working her in perfect timing even while she was sucking a big cock.Linda are you okay I said,David this is fucking heaven,with that the guy pumping her cunt cried out take this you fucking bitch and he shot in her cunt still pumping

her,he pulled out with his come dripping on to the guys prick

who was fucking her arse.You fuck my pussy now David it should be nice and wet for you after three pricks have shot in there.My prick slid in with no problem at all and I started pumping her hard.With this the prick in her mouth

started to shoot his load down her throat and the next second she grabbed his prick and put it to my mouth I opened

and managed to get his come in my mouth,isn't that nice David

suck his prick and taste his sperm.With that I shot my load in her cunt and then rolled of her to relax a bit.

The night went on for ever,finally at about six in the morning we left with two couples who came back to our place

and the fucking continued for hours.