Written by keven_smith

25 May 2008

I first met Irene 10 years ago a few weeks before I was to marry her daughter. I thought how much I would love to fuck her. At the time she was 40 (I was 25 and her daughter was 20) long black hair and a great figure.

Fast forward 10 years. I had divorced my wife and she had moved interstate for work. Two months after the divorce I thought it was time to get some action so I decided to go to a swingers club I'd heard about.

On the night I turned and had a fuck with a 20 year old, watched 2 women playing and then decided to have a look around. I came to a room where I saw 5 men lined up. They told me they were waiting their turn to fuck this older woman who had already had 4 guys fuck her but she wanted more. They said she was a semi regular there and always wanted a gang bang when there. I lined up for my turn.

When it was my turn I realised that the woman was Irene (she said hello when I walked in). I gave her a good fucking and went my way. I didn't see her after that that night but had a good time before heading home.

The next day I went to Irene's She invited me in and we were soon talking. She told me that every time John (her husband) went away on business (about once a month for a week at a time) she would go to the club as she loved fucking. She had been doing this for the last 15 years and John and her family did not know. Eventually we went to her bedroom were we spent the rest of the day and night (apart from food breaks)fucking. She sucked me, I fucked her anyway she wanted and I even fucked her ass a few times.

Now, whenever John is away, I take her to the club and spend the rest of the time at her house fucking her whenever and however I want.