Written by J-n2

2 May 2009

I set off for the Wedding of a friend in Ireland,two weeks after returning from holidays. It had surprised me what i got up on holiday...for those of you that haven't read my other posts i ended up with a holiday of a lifetime and shared a couple of the escapades last sunday. I'm usually more careful with men but my holiday left me an even hornier woman if that's possible! LOL.

Michael caught my eye as soon as we arrived, he was a schoolfriend of the groom. We all had a few drinks on the first night and i found out he had a girlfriend and was at a guess a good 15 years younger than me. He wouldn't have realised that tho as i do look a little less than my 48 years ( on a good day, ha ha) Now one thing you should know about me is that i never wear trousers and love to have a pleasing outfit on that turns a men on. Classy, sexy not tarty...always stockings of a high quality, usually silk. Heels of course complete the look

Michael brushed my cheek with a kiss as everyone was saying goodnight and said "you have great tits see you tomorrow at the wedding. Sweet Dreams". I'm 36DD and like to see them in sexy bras and sheer tops. I certainly did have sweet dreams all right, and had to tease my clit for most of the night with my fingers!

He made me laugh all the next day at the wedding with irish tales and every opportunity touched my arm or put his hand on my back and under the table run his hand up my leg. He'd reach the top of my stockings and feel the suspender. He even undid one gently laughing and i had to go to the loo to fix it! Anyway we went our seperate ways that night, him with his girlfriend and me with the girls back to the cottage we had rented. Again a restless night as i remembered the touch of his hand on my stocking top and slight touch of my sheer panties that were quite obviously damp!

The final night of our stay he came out with the lads and we all met in the local pub, more flirting and teasing and i knew he was game on for full sex. He kept adjusting his bulging cock and winking at me. I kept thinking of the age difference but also how horny i was feeling. I even thought how disappointed i'd be if he turned out to have a small cock ( how awful is that but i like at least 7-8ins )

We all ended up back late night drinking at the cottage, quite a party in the end. My girlfriends were all relaxed and getting the irish charm and attention. He followed me up the stairs to the loo and as i went in the door he pushed in with me and locked the door behind the two of us. Hard kissing and lots of pulling out my tits, he then pushed up my dress and leant me against the wash basin squeezing my bum cheeks upwards so they were just perched over the basin top and my toes just sort of reached the floor. He moved my thong to one side and looked down at my sopping wet pussy. I do get wet very quickly. Oversexed i know!

As you know if you have read my other stories i like to keep it very smooth down there and that means everything is nicely on show the minute my panties come off and it glistens nice and shiny with my juices. So Fuckably like that for a man don't you think!? Do all men like bare pussies i wonder???

He unzipped and took out his cock which was fully hard and a lovely size thank god, definately thick and very very rigid like a young stallion on heat. Now i was actually dying for a pee which is why i'd come up in the first place and as he pushed his cock deep inside me i had to squeeze really tight all my muscles around that area to stop it. I felt him opening my legs wider by nudging my knees apart with his legs and my bladder felt like it would burst open at any minute. He kept thrusting hard inside me, bareback of course, so i could feel every ripple of his cock and skin against skin. He was gripping my hips and pulling me onto his cock whilst grinding in a circular motion. I felt an orgasm instantly starting to build when he did that and i was mentally trying to resist it in case i peed. I squeezed his cock with my muscles as hard as i could but his grinding overcome everything and i came in a rhythmic strong series of pulses that were so intense i couldn't keep quiet. I was moaning loudly, i knew he could feel my contractions on his cock as he stopped for an instant to feel them even more. He shot his load as i squeezed for about the 10th time clamping onto his cock... just then someone tried the door. I could feel he was shooting loads up me and enjoying every minute of it. Smiling. As he pulled out i dived for the loo and felt an urgent stream pass over my now very very enlarged clit. It felt incredibly sensitive but very horny!

For the next half hour i could feel the last bits of cum leaking out of my pussy as i walked around the party. Michael did manage to finger me for a couple of minutes in the kitchen whilst everyone was in the lounge & hallway. I came quite quickly with all his slippery cum being rubbed on my clit, mine stays big and round for about 2hrs after an orgasm, sensitive to touch so i easily have more orgasms with any type of slight pressure. He put his fingers in my mouth for me to lick clean. A nice touch i thought as he said thankyou for a horny night