Written by Dave

14 Mar 2019

I’m now in my 50s - been married for 20 years. About 6 years ago we did some swinging in an attempt to get some magic back into our sex life. The initial swinging wasn’t altogether successful. We did some soft swinging but I didn’t partake- just couldn’t get into it. My wife got into it and I got very turned on watching her perform. I masturbated whilst other guys ploughed into her and we had much better sex at home after she’d been with other guys. We stopped swinging after a year or so and our sex life subsided again. Last year we decided to give it another go. Instead of clubs we decided to try and meet couples - that was far more intimate and I was more involved. We got to know a few couples and started meeting them regularly, I was now having regular sex with other women and felt good about it. It was during a same room session that the swapping took on a whole new angle - the girls started to get intimate and seeing my beautiful wife with another woman for the first time really turned me on, after they played on the bed for a while the girls suggested me and the guy make out - if I’m honest I’d started thinking about guys for a while whilst watching porn but I was shocked and a little distressed. The guy (Tony) said he was bi and assured me I’d enjoy it. He touched my cock and gently wanked me - he encouraged me to touch him and my wife encouraged me to try. Slowly I was eased into my first bi experience I touched Tony and slowly wanked him. In no time we were lying side by side, head to toe sucking each other’s cocks. I came in Tony’s mouth and him in mine. Once this was over we stopped the bi experiment and went back to fucking the girls.

That night I discussed with my wife the whole experience and she was so cool with it. In the second half of last year we made a conscious decision to meet bi couples and I was able to have fulfilling sex with women and experience oral pleasure with guys. However, eventually, I had to tell my wife that this wasn’t enough and in January this year I met my first guy one on one. I thought it would be just wanking and sucking - as I’d experienced with my wife but it went much further than that - he fucked my ass and whilst it initially felt a bit odd - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then fucked him and it was amazing. For a straight guy I found getting into bed with another man - so exciting and incredibly sexually liberating. It’s good I can do all this with my wife’s knowledge and our sex life is good. In return for my liberation she now meets guts alone and gets whatever fun and pleasure she wants. Talking to a few of the guys I meet for sex it seems that many men in their 50s experiment with bi/gay sex and really enjoy it. For me I wish I’d been far more open minded in my younger days and got into this sooner. It feels like I’ve restricted myself to half a sex life until now - and only in my 50s am I enjoying the unique sexual pleasures of both men and women.

Do other guys in their 50s have similar feelings or experiences?