Written by markandjaq

26 Feb 2012

Things have progressed rapidly regarding Ged recently.

Jaq has taken a real shine to him and visits him regularly without me!Ged says he is inhibited by my being there so i can only make do with the snippits Jaq tells me about whats happened.

In fairness a lot of what gos on is mundane (according to Jaq) just chat etc she has admitted to giving him a couple of wanks etc but no actual penetration.

Jaq now has a key to his house and dresses sexy whenever she gos round, Ged has started to buy her sexy undies which she models for him when there is any activity!

Last saturday she told me she was going round to spend the evening as Ged was "a bit down and she wanted to cheer him up!"

She knew i was not that impressed and sulking a little bit, she smiled and threw a key at me and said "thats geds front door key, give me half an hour and sneak in we will be in the back room DONT LET HIM SEE YOU!"

This exited me a lot she kissed me as she left and said "there has been more going on than i admitted, prepare yourself" she smiled as she left me.

Half an hour later hard on in tow i went to Geds front door and opened it, walking quietly into his house the living (front room was in darkness but the back room was brightly lit and i could see Jaq on a single bed lying naked except for black seamed stockings and suspender belt with her legs spread slightly.Ged was in the middle of the room totally naked with a camera photographing jaq.He had a very impressive hard on much bigger than mine and he walked towards jaq she greedily took it iun her mouth as he continued to photograph her.She sucked his cock for a few moments before he pulled out and told her to spread her legs much more confidently than i expected almost dominating her.There was no foreplay as he entered her he just said to her "earn your money you whore" I was genuinely shocked as jaq did as she was told and gave the old bloke a fabulous time and im ashamed to say i stood there watching cock in hand tossing myself off as my wife obviously enjoying this old but seriously big cock was gasping and groaning with pleasure as he groaned and pulled out shooting cum all over Jaqs stockings and pussy before she moved up taking his cock still shooting cum in her mouth, at which point Ged picked up his camera again and started photographing her again. I had at this point cum all over my hand and jeans and was feeling quite vulnerable wondering how i was going to get out of here!Ged then took some photos of Jaqs cum stained face.He now went back to his old gentleman self asking jaq if he could help her clean up which he did.He then passed her an envelope and said thank you and kissed her full on the lips.

He then asked if she would spend the night with him as he was feeling great and wanted to share it with her.Jaq said she wasnt sure as i was at home alone on a saturday evening to which Ged said "i will double what is in the envelope"

Jaq couldnt see me but said loudly "well i suppose Mark can live with it ok".

It was at this point i left feeling very exited but a bit annoyed she wasnt coming to satisfy me!Selfish maybe but hey its what i felt!

Jaq came home at 7.30am we discussed what had happened briefly before my horniness got the better of me and i jumped on her lol!It was made all the more exiting by Jaq telling me that she had had sex twice more through the night and just 15 mins earlier and that his hot cum was still inside her!Wow what a great morning we had!

As for the envelope Jaq wont tell me about it she says thats her secret but that i would benefit from it as well in time!

At this moment we are up to date Jaq will continue to service Ged but also still sees sean ( see previous posts) although hes been away for over a month.I love to recieve your comments and feel opinions from similar minderd people are very interesting.Thanks.