Written by curcouple1

31 Mar 2011

I have been with my wife for over two years and always enjoyes a good sex life, however i never thought she was daring and dirty untill last month.

My freind contacted me (G)after working away for over 4 years and wanted to arrange a night out, he also mentioned if he could stay over as we now lived further apart, i agreed and spoke to my wife about it. i informed her that he was a womaniser and would probably meet and bring a woman back to ours, she was not impressed and said that" there is no chance i want another woman in this house" i said messing around that we will have to share you then , i was suprised by her reaction as she just laughed .

later that week during foreplay, i mentioned about being daring and when (G) was round leaving the door open when we having sex and she seemed to get off on the idea the thought of him possibly getting a sneaky glimpse of her during sex i was also excited by the idea.

We had both arranged to go out seperatly on the Sat night me with G and her with her own freinds, G came round about 7 pm and briefly met my wife who was wearing a tight black dress, we went our seperate ways and G mentioned in the pub that my wife had a great figure i handed him my phone and said these are great pics of her and laughed he spent longer than i had anticipated looking at the pics most of her in kinky under wear or wearing nothing at all , i could not believe that i was getting so turned on by him looking at the pics.

We got back at about 1pm worse for drinking and my wife returned 45 mins later we all made our excuses and went to bed, i told my wife about showing the pics on the phone and she said i was hoping you would ge, before i had a chance to say anything else she said i forgot to clean my teeth and got up wearing only a g- string and went down the hall way to the bathroom passing G room whose door was open, on the way back he even said good night she popped her head in and said goodnight clutching her breasts i was suprised by her sexual confidence but also excited.

We started foreplay and she was making more noise than usual and it was not long before i saw a shadow in the hallway and g had got out of bed and was watching me play with her ample breasts i waved him in but he declined and went back o bed, my wife then told me to text him and said she wanted him to watch.......

Within a minute he was up and now hovering over the bed i had blindfolded my wife by now and she was lying there in just her thong i was undoing her thong and fingering her when i was shocked that he also started playing with her, something we had not discussed but by my wifes reaction something that she was obviously enjoying, we both fingered her at the same time and played with her breasts i was massivly turned on and went to take some pics with my phone , again as i went to get the phone she was feeling and pulling his boxers down wanking and sucking and licking his cock whist grabbing his arse, this was a strange but sexually a massive turn and i was unsure how i felt, but then jumped in the middle ohf her legs and fucked her wanting to come straight away lucky enough holding on untill my friend came in my wifes mouth then i came as my friend was leaving the room.

We laughed kissed and cuddled and because of the drink and time she fell asleep i went through the pics and then got hard again and turned and masturbated over the pics i had taken earlier, to find out what happened in the morning or how it could be you if there is enough views or comments i will write more......

We woke up in the morning to the noise of g going to the bathroom, without speaking we started to play with each other and started to make alove and i pulled the covers off to be daring, i waited till she came then pulled out , then went down stairs to where g was he was watching tv we looked at each other and just laughed, what a night he said , i nodded and said i think she is after more, but found it difficult to guage his reactions.

we went into the kitchen where we sat and ate breakfast as we were finnished my wife came down wearing a vest and knickers with clevage on show, whilst leaning over at the breakfast table..

i was getting a bit horny and could feel my wife`s dirtyness coming through but g said that he was late and needed to go as he stood up to leave i went to say good bye but then decided to just pull my wifes hand and start to kiss her with passion and pull her vest up showing off her arse , with that g started to undo his jeans and my wife started to wank him off with one hand, i then turned her so they were facing each other and took her from behind as g sucked her breasts, then bent down further to suck him off , i again spun her round and we kissed which was horny as she stood there and played with herself and g wanked and came over her arse, he quickly said goodbye as we were tiding ourselves up.

we made love 3 more times that day and have thought and spoke about it all the time since getting ourselves horny.

my questions to you are?

should we do it again?

should we do it with someone else ?(holiday soon best place to go for action?)

g coming round again should we offer him 2nds?

hurt our relationship?

should i have a m over and show him pics for wank session?

Many Thanks