Written by Jason

18 Oct 2009

The formalities long over, the bride and groom seen on their way from the golf club where the reception was held...now the last hour or so of drinking and dancing before we went our ways.

Whilst dancing with my sister-in-law, I noticed my wife Ellie chatting to a young blond-haired guy at our table. Re-joining the group after the dance, she introduced me to Troy, a student and one of the ushers. Quite how troy had become part of our group I shall never know, but he was a really good-looking charming young man with blue eyes...Ellie was obviously taken with him....during a following dance I noticed his hand sliding up the back of her white blouse, both of them clearly sure that they couldn't be seen. I returned to the table and immediately noticed that Ellie's breasts had lost their firmness....yes, my handsome stud had obviously succeeded in unclipping her bra!! Wow, what an expert...and Ellie quite obviously happy with the manoeuvre! The Hokey-Cokey signalled the end of the celebration; any feelings of jealousy had long since evaporated, and I took a bold step: "Ellie...would Troy like to come back with us for a coffee....I can run him to his hotel after." "Oh, er, is that ok?" She searched my face for some sign of uncertainty..."Of course, beloved...you were getting on so well together, you can hardly dump him now...anyway, when did you last enjoy the company of an attentive good-looking man!" (Smiling encouragingly). "Mmm..you really don't mind?" In the silence that followed I think we each formed our own ideas as to where this would lead.

So it was the three of us decamped in our lounge. Ellie shook off her shoes, reached up under her blouse and finally removed the unclipped bra that must have been causing some discomfort. She held it up for Troy: He looked questioningly at me - "Go on, young Sir...your trophy!" I said. Your next task is to divest my wife of all her totally unnescessary garments...she looks absolutely ravishing naked!"

At this point Ellie took the lead: "It's ok, we are happy for you to have some fun.." Troy moved over to the settee, and with no mean skill had Ellie out of her blouse, black skirt and panties in no time. Without hesitation he then removed his trousers and pants in one easy move, unbuttoning his shirt as he moved in to present Ellie with his stiffening cock. Ellie has not had much experience with cocks: Having got used to my average todger during our 22 years of marriage, the sight of Troy's longer, thicker tool, increasing in size by the second, took Ellie's breath away. He offered it to her, and before taking it in her mouth, she studied it, took it in her hand, pulled back the modest foreskin, then let it go: It sprung immediately up against his flat stomach, until she pulled it back down and took it deep into her mouth.

I loved his body; well proportioned, nice bum, pubic hair just a shade darker than his head; average size balls hanging teasingly down under his solid cock...I could see why Ellie was so turned on.

"Come on, Guys...upstairs, then we can all get comfortable!" The last of the coffee was drained, we all trooped up to the master bedroom, at which point I too got naked.

From that point on, the action never stopped - Troy and Ellie started with a 69, progressed to a very professional licking of her cunt, before Troy lowered himself onto her spreadeagled body, his rigid cock entering her wet vagina without the help of any hands....in deep, slow strokes, no condom....help, Ellie not on the pill! H'mm...just had her period, should be ok...she's 45, probably safe....didn't matter in the end, he was so much in control that she had 3 orgasms and he still hadn't come. He eased out, his cock glistening from her vaginal juices, redder than before. I followed him in, feeling very innadequate with my less than impressive willie....well sexed-up I came inside my wife within a couple of minutes - a good satisfying cum, my vasectomised semen pumping as far into her warm being as I could manage.

Then Troy back to the fray...I whispered "Don't make her pregnant, please" He grinned. Now doggy, he re-entered her, long deep strokes, more multiple orgasms, getting noisier, he body writhing...then the climax...Troy, after a crescendo of grunts withdrew his cock, spurting globs of spunk in all directions, the last few over her shoulders, dripping slowly down over her left tit, hanging tantilisingly on the end of her nipple. Even his cum was top-class; white, thick, and plenty of it.

As Ellie rested on her back, almost literally "shagged-out" Troy offered her his still-hard cock, which she sucked lazily for a minute ot two before it's final softening let it drop from her lips.

In most stories on SH, he would have gone on to fuck her senseless all night and most of Sunday, but no; he needed to get back to his hotel, so we dressed and I drove him the 7 miles there. During the journey he thanked me for the 'privilege' of letting him have my wife..."She is no ordinary woman...I think she is great!" And that was that. We never saw Troy again; Ellie has never expressed the desire to have another man, so life has gone back to boring notmality. Until the nect wedding reception?