Written by The husband

30 Mar 2014

After years of joking and talking about it my wife Julie seemed serious about taken a lover

It came out the blue I didn't expect it quite surprised to me when she she said if I did could you handle it, talking about it is one thing but if I did what would you do and how would it effect us

I wasn't at all prepared for her change in attitude, with out going into it all, we discussed it I could see she was serious, she also told me some things in a away I didn't want to hear to be honest, like our sex life is boring most of the time she often pretend to climax and with out saying it to my face I am not that good in bed now not as good as I used to be sex with me is more a routine thing some thing we do from time to time

That was a bit of a shock to me, any way we talked about the implications if my fantasy did become reality, the effect it could have on us, our marriage our life

The next question was how would we go about it and if so who,Julie said she would have to fancy them and like them, we discounted any one that was in our circle of people we knew as that could course problems people talk, so at that stage we weren't to sure how it could happen

I asked why she had a change of mine after all this time she told me her furtive was coming up and she felt she missed out a little she only had one boyfriend before we married, and it was a sexual thing she felt she missed out on and she like to do something before its to late, I guess a lot of woman would of gone and had an affair but Julie was being honest and she's not go behind my back also I had give her the opening with my fantasy

She is still in very good shape she has got a really nice figure and lovely legs with a rounded bum she gets lot of looks off men I have often teased her about it

A few weeks later we when down to a holiday let we have in Dorset jest outside Pool to get it ready for the summer session, we when into Pool one evening for a meal it was busy for the time of year after the meal with had a look round some of local pubs, in one we half know the manager his been there a few years and I had forgot how he eyes my wife up every time we have gone in there, we got talking we told him about the bookings at the cottage

things like that and he said it been a quiet winter for him and so on quit normal

It surprised me to see Julie was flirting with him in front of me, at first it wasn't to obvious but after a couple of drinks it got quite blatant Mark was lapping it up it seemed weird he didn't seem to worry about me being there, I began to relies my fantastic and what we talked about maybe was going to turn into reality

I don't think I had seem my wife like this her body language where given Mark signals he was picking up on, she didn't have say she was available the body language said that I was amazed by her behavior

This had not been planed it seem to be happening more by chains I didn't expect it so wasn't prepared for any thing like this, what seem strange to was Mark we only meet him a couple of time so he didn't really know us or we knew him, he knew we where married but the fact I was there didn't faze him in the lest, he was running his finger over my wife's hands as they chatted and I had been left out of the conversation , I went to the toilet and I am sure they didn't notice as I came back it looked like he jest kissed Julie

As I sat down he was saying to her we close soon do you want to stay on after that and she said yes love to. we sat there half an hour, then Mark said shall we go to my accommodation which was out the back by the car park it had been some sort of outbuilding at one time

Going over there he held her hand I followed, inside there was a lounge and I guessed it had a bedroom and kitchen and bathroom all on the same level

There was a sofa and one chair which I sat in they where on the sofa, it didn't take long before they where kissing, watching them I did get a pang of jealousy also it seemed as if I was outside looking in very strange it seemed, Julie said afterwards she felt safe with me there but em basted as well and if it had involved me in some way she may not of been able to do it so the best way for her was to ignore me

I sat there watching it all unfold in front of me, it looked as if Julie was getting carried away with the situation, we only came out for some thing to eat and a drink she was wearing a shirt top and leggings which where tight ones, the shirt was almost undone now Mark had his hand inside feeling her tits over her bra as they kissed

It quite surprised me Julie's willingness,and when he rubbed her crotch her legs came open and she moaned, she was holding some thing in his trousers there was quite a large bulge she got hold of, every thing accelerated from then on, Julie's shirt came off her bra was pushed up both breasts flopped out Mark sucked each nipple my wife breathing became labored and deep when he stopped and move I could see his hand in the top of her leggings

I could see it moving inside them Julie was laying back eyes closed groaning she seemed to shudder there was a little gasp I hears her say OH GOD I had never seen her so sexed up

They went back to snogging at the same time she was struggling with his trousers, still kissing he helped between then they got them undone and pushed down he had a very white ares, it was when he turned a little did I see what he had got to my surprise he was quite large even in a semi erected state quite a bit bigger than mine even like that it was a bit longer but thing that stood out was how wide it looked Julie was pulling on it as she did it started to stiffen and grow in her hand as she did that her breathing got deeper

It was now very impressive to say the lest I also wondered if she accommodate it

It wasn't going to be long before I found out, Mark said something to my wife I didn't catch, next thing they headed to a door that came off the lounge, he opened it I could see it was his bedroom they went in on the way Julie undid her bra all was left was the thigh leggings her bum wobbled as she walked they left the door open, by the time I got there Mark had no shirt on and he was kicking his trousers off Julie sat on the bed almost ripping her leggings and panties off together

Mark stood in front of her sideways to me, Julie had her leggings off she looked up his cock was almost in her face, I will say Julie never been that keen on oral sex given it

but she grabbed it and took him right in her mouth, I have never known her to do that before and the way she went about sucking it was amazing she had both hands round his bum her head bobbed up and down at one point she tried to take to much in her mouth and almost gagged her enthusiasm was amazing, he was rock hard now veins where bulging out she took it out her mouth gasping for breath the head now look quite bulbous and plum colored she looked very pleased with what she done, I knew in moments she be fucked by it

They where both now on the bed Julie didn't seem to want to let go of his cock she tried to suck it again but I think he was near to cumming I got a good view between Julie's legs her pussy lips looked parted and very wet, a good thing and before she or I knew it he was between her legs his prick probing her pussy, I heard AAHHH JESUS OH MY GOD and he was in her it must of been really different after be used to mine for years

She took a very deep breath he seemed to thrust as she squealed out loudly he gave another thrust she screamed out Jesus Christ,she gripped his back her head came up over his shoulders her mouth was open she fell back she was quiet I guess he had fully penetrated her with the last thrust, they lay still for what seemed a long time till he jerked his hips which mad Julie cry out he did that a few time she cried out each time from that he started to fuck her at first she didn't make any noise but as he got going she started to squeal OH YES OH YES MARK her legs came up into the air and waved around then they went round his back it looked like she was trying to fuck herself shouting YES YES she arched up and shook then fell back, Mark was going like a train now after a time Julie made a low deep noise and lifted again there a really wet sound and she was shaking at the same time Mark was now fucking as fast as he could and as hard as he could, he started to grunt then gasp his bum jerked his sperm must be going inside my wife he slowed to a stop with his cock in her as deep as he could get, that was my wife's first extramarital fuck

It was to be the first of many she was to get another that night off Mark before we went back to the cottage, at first Julie was quiet, then said said well what do you think of what I did was it what you expected how do you feel now, she was right I didn't expect it at all I told her that and said I feel fine I jest didn't expect to happen so quick and in front of me. I did honestly think if it happened she meet some one and come home and tell me about it, we had many question for each other but that was three years ago and there has been meant other times witch is another story and neither of us knew where it would lead us