Written by marie

10 Feb 2010

I was on my way home from work and needed a loo, so i pulled into a scruffy layby with a portaloo and had a wee,when i got back in my car for some reason i felt an urge to rub my clit.so i pulled my dress up and panties to one side and started to rub myself i was feeling so horny i did not see a guy outside my window until to late to cover myself, he was wanking his cock and offering it up to the window,instead of feeling scared i undone the window and he pushed his cock through the window and i started to suck this strangers cock it was fat and long his hand went to my cunt and started to rub and finger me roughly i was really turned on,Then he opened the door and pulled me out of the car without a word i just let him do it,he led me to the back of my car lent me over the boot and took his bare cock and pushed it up my wet cunt in one thrust he was in and was fucking me roughly,then i realised we were not alone and another three guys were there watching and wanking,one guy pushed his cock to my mouth and i took him in balls deep until i was gagging, i was being spitroasted and used by strangers it was so horny i cum for the first time the guy fucking me unloaded his cum and pulled out and before i could say anything the next scruffy guy had took his place and started to fuck me,i took two loads down my throat and they all fucked me one after the other all bareback i had cum running down my thighs and my cunt was sore from the rough fucking i had took,then they left me and i sat in my car dishevlled and smelling of sex wondering how i was going to get to the shower at home without hubby finding out !!!!!! this is the first time i have been fucked by strangers but got turned on so much i want to do it again with out hubby knowing, i love the feel spunk up me not knowing whos it is,am i a slut or whore? I do not care as this happened on the spur of the moment and now i am game for more, I think i have just been dogged for the first time !!!!!!!