Written by Charli Sue

13 Aug 2017

Before i start a bit about me , im 32 , a size 10/12 and ive been engaged for 18months , ive only had 5 intimate lovers in my life and if i put my hand on my heart i would say my sex life is some what in the "vanilla" group dont get me wrong i like sex but at my own pace , once im in the mood "its fun time charli" anyway i have a story or should i say a situation that happened to me which i would like to share.

Here we go .......last Friday night me and the girls had a girly weekend in London , we got the train from Chester and we were all looking forward to a catch up with laughs , drinking and dancing on the agenda.

Anyway we quickly headed out on Friday night all blinged up for a night in London town , the drinks flowed , plenty of them and we moved from pub to pub and to say we were a bit OTT and happy pissed .

I remember going to a fun pub with Karaoke , the bar was packed and 4 deep at the bar , it was my turn to get the drinks in , i was chatting to anyone with a head , i remenber being next to a woman with a lovely smile , a beautiful dress and because of the drink and my mouth i told her she was beautiful and her dress was stunning , she smiled and complemented me on my dress and my figure i said thank you . We swapped names i said we were down for a girly weekend , she said have a good time and have fun . Then it was my turn and drinks were ordered .

We decided to stay and sadly the karaoke got a battering , it was my mates turn to get more drinks and i went for a pee , one of the bar staff asked me to use to toilets up stairs , i was queing when my new friend came up and asked was i having a good time i said yes , it was my turn and she said can i come in the cubical with you i cant wait , i said ok , ive done it many times with friends , we stepped in and pulled my knickers down and tried to my conversation as i was peeing a quick change and he followed suite for some reason i stayed and should have left , she finished , moved in close and kissed me , i was shocked but kissed her back , full on full mouth kisses her hands went to my boobs my heart was thumping , she moved a hand to pull up my dress she looked me in the eye and said "is it ok" i didnt say anything , her finger rubbed my pussy through my panties then she pulled them to one side and she found my clit , then 2 fingers inside me rubbing my clit with her thumb, i put my hand on hers and with my eyes closed i knew i was going to cum and i did .....wow my legs were shaking , she offered me her fingers and i licked them clean .

We made ourselves presentable and leaving the loo there was a bit of a queue but no one battered an eye lid .

Before going down stairs she gave me her number , we shared a last kiss and she was gone .

I havent told anyone , the rest of the weekend was fun , but i cant believe i was fingered to orgasm by a sexy stranger , and what shocked me was i responded to her seduction.

I have looked at her number so many times , i am tempted but why cant i mark it down as a one off , since ive been home ive had a few finger rubs , please ladies and gents give me some advice , should i leave it or give my new sexy friend a phone ........please help