Written by Charli Sue

17 Aug 2017

Firstly thank you all for your words and advice , well i phone Cathy a few days just for a chat initially but i could tell she wanted to meet up , she said she was doing a work seminar in Manchester and she was booked in a hotel overnight , she teased me on the phone saying wear something sexy for me , i was you , i want to taste you .Just her words and the tone in her sexy voice made me wet .

She told me she was in her office in work and was touching herself , i was all flusted , i was intrigued, i wanted more.

Everything was perfect becasuse my boy friend works offshore out of Gt Yarmouth and he was only half way through his hitch . I messaged Cathy to say i was driving to Manchester, we arranged to meet in the hotel bar .

My heart was pumping , i was wearing a blouse and skirt , my killer heels , a matching bra and panties set with black stay up stockings , i even trimmed up my lady garden so i looked my best .

The hotel was easy to find i parked up , sending cathy a msg , i asked were the bar was and she was sitting at a table close to the bar and she looked lovely , in a well fitting trouser suit .

We hugged and got a drink , she said im sorry for my clothes it work but i will make it up to you .

More drinks followed and cathy said do you want to see my room , i couldnt say yes quick enough , once in the lift she took me off guard and kissed me saying ive been looking forward to this .In her room , good size she asked me to pour her a drink from the mini bar , she said she was going to change out of clothes and took a bag into the bathroom with her , with a whiskey in my hand i was looking at the view from her window , then the bathroom door opened , cathy stood infront of me wearing cream basque, white panties , and white stockings she looked hot , she said your not here for the view , she walked over to a chair sat down and said pass me my drink then strip for me .

I did as i was ordered , my blouse came off , my boobs looked very perky in my bra ,un unzipped my skirt and lowered it over my hips to the floor, she said wow , she stood up and we kissed , her hands went to my hips and she pulled me in , her fingers found my panties and with a gentle tug they were lowered , cathy knelt down with her head level with my pussy , she stepped out of her panties , she moved in to kiss my pussy , she stood up and said can you take my knickers off , then we got onto the bed we kissed , our hands and fingers exploring our bodies , she said i want you to lick me and with that she moved up on the bed and opened her legs , it was sexy , i kissed her thighs and then kissed her pussy , she smelt sweet , cathy helped by opening her pussy and i licked her clit , from the moans i must have been doing it right , she told me she wanted a 69 , we moved into position and we sucked and licked away , i was in heaven , cathy said finger me im close , and she followed the same , cathy came , but she was too sensitive to carry on licking me , she said play with yourself for me , i want to see you cum ,i was facing her stroking my pussy , cathy said i want to see you tits , i eased them out and with a hand tweaking my nipple and fingers on my clit i was getting close , to add a bit more vocal spice she called me her slut girl , instructing me to pinch my nipple and get 3 finger in my cunt the c word a bit taboo with me but horny from cathys mouth , then a felt a twitch and i came , she said i want to taste your fingers , she licked them clean then said open your legs and she went in licking my pussy and this triggered off another cum.

We lay there the rest of the evening we made love over and over again , i was like putty in her hands , she told me were her turn on zones on her body were , what a night .

The night was filled with sexual exchanges , more drinks flowed and one thing she asked me to do to her and because of the moment and the drink i said ok , i said i needed a pee she said will you pee on me , in the shower before i could answer we were in the shower cubical, the shower was turned on and cathy moved in kissing me saying pee for me , but with a full bladder and a gentle push i started pissing , cathy moved in so the piss was hitting her pussy she moved her hands down to touch the piss , this set her off a bit to sureal for me but with the shower on washed it all away .

Later back on the bed she said she was always turned on by water sports , im not saying i was freaked but my new sexual mind was being opened.

We both crashed out i was woken up by cathy licking my pussy , she smiled at me and continued .

Reality hit home and it was time to go , cathy said phone me , a hug and a kiss and she was gone .

I drove back to Chester , into my house as if nothing had happened. That night with my mind full of passion i finger fucked my self like a crazed woman , i even got turned on in work having a pee in the toilets , rubbing my clit having a pee whats going on.

I want to meet cathy again , maybe this is only the tip of the iceburg and shes got more sordid things she wants to do with me ......i will keep you all posted , my mind is open , maybe try a bit of FF fun on these chat rooms .......what should i do ?