Written by Moona

10 Feb 2018

After years of an unhappy marriage I divorced my husband. I was determined to have fun and enjoy the sex life that I had so craved for so many years but I went from bad to worse with a boyfriend that was always away and jelous of me ever leaving the house and used to tell me I was not that brilliant in bed. So when I finally got rid of him too I promised to myself I would not ever get into anything serious with any other man. I am financially independent and I don't need a cock telling me how to behave. It's no easy though to find the right balance of being emotionally and sexually satisfied so for a few years I just gave up on the whole thing and worked and concentrated on being a good mum.

But one day I joined a dating site and I got a msg from a guy . I told him I didn't want anything serious and I told him I was gonna go for a date with another guy but if he wanted to wait in the cue I would be happy to see him in due time. Someone else would have told me to fuck right off but he was dead cool and said he would. I liked that. He sent me a couple of pictures and from what I saw I fancied him. My other date didn't go too well so I then agreed to meet with him. I told him I would wear stockings and heels on the day and he got quite excited about that but didn't send me any photos of his hard cock which I was greatful for. A cock is a cock and every man has one, it doesn't do the trick for me.

The day he came to pick me up in his car I was looking my best, I was a bit desperate for attention and some action and he seemed to be the right guy.

And so he was. I got into his car and as soon as I saw him all I could think was how I would want to sit on top of him and have him kissing my breasts while feeling his cock against my pussy. He opened the car door for me, he took me to the best restaurant in town and made me feel like a gem. He then said he would drop me home and perhaps arrange another date. But I didn't want another date, I wanted him then so I asked him to come in to my house for a cup of tea. We sat on the sofa and I let him finish his tea. I sat closer to him and looked him in the eyes and I think I asked him for a kiss. We kissed passionately and I sat on top of him. His cock was rock hard. I asked him if he wanted to touch my pussy and he said yes. I asked him to put two fingers in his mouth and then dip them right in my pussy. He followed suit and as his fingers were going inside I knew he knew exactly what he was doing. From clit to right inside my wet cunt finding my g point and at this rythm he made me squirt all over his hands and shirt. He didn't even notice I was squirting and said to me that he had spilt some of his tea. Little did he know I was going to soak him wet once I had finished with him. So I asked him if he wanted to come to my bedroom upstairs and there I asked him to take my dress off and just leave my panties, stockings and high heels. I was standing and I put one leg on the bed and I asked him again to wet his fingers and finger fucked me. And he did so expertly that I started squirting and I could not stop and by then he knew it wasn't his cup of tea and realised it was me the one that had got his shirt soaking wet and it was my pussy the one getting his hand soaked. He got so excited about it that kept doing it for all he was worth and I was in such a trance of pleasure that asked him to lie down and stick his cock in my mouth and continue to finger fuck me while licking my pussy. His cock was full of precum and it tasted delicious. I couldnt get enough of his cock, I wanted him everywhere but doing the 69 and having him make me cum so many times in that position I thought I would have to have him cumming in my mouth. At one point he decided not only to suck my clit and finger fuck my pussy but also he stuck his thumb up my arse and that gave me the best orgarsm of my life and I squirted like a fountain down him and he got so excited about this that he filled my whole mouth with his spunk. His legs were shaking and said to me he thought he needed a doctor. Why is that I asked. I've had the best orgasm of my life, he said. Oh well I haven't done bad for a one night stand then, I may need to see him again, I thought to myself. It got better the following times I saw him and now we are a couple here in SH.