Written by Janet

19 Oct 2012

My husband often asked who of our friends I would like to shag. Don't be silly was my usual reply. He often confessed that he would like to see me with another man, especially if he had a big cock. My husband is not overly endowed but he uses it well. Meaning, he makes me cum. However, although I like sex, the thought of having it off with one of my friends husbands did not turn me on. I had been approached by one of them but to be honest it frightened me more than it excited me. Not only did he not rock my boat but what if his wife, one of my best friends, found out. My husband has always called me a flirt, which I deny, but can understand now where he is coming from. I'm 63 and although I don't feel it, I'm sure my body looks it. My husband disputes this but that's probably because he loves me. However, that doesn't stop him from wanting me to be fucked by someone else. When I have asked why, he always says because it turns him on. I didn't understand. That is until last Thursday.

As a group of friends, we always have a long weekend away once a year. There are 16 of us. 8 couples. Last year my husband organised it and we went to Lille in France. It was lovely. Great hotel, great food and a tour of the first world war battlefields and cemeteries. Very moving and we all shed a few tears. This year, another couple were organising the trip and we were waiting to find out where.

It seemed that due to business commitments we might not be able to go but didn't want to say no over the phone. My husband took me to their house, dropped me off and said he would return in a couple of hours when he had finished his meeting. I went and knocked on the door but there not being any answer tried the handle. The door opened and I walked in. Somebody had to be at home or the door would have been locked. I walked through to their lounge and there sat Bob, watching a porn film, wanking. I must have gasped as he turned quickly round, trying to hide his erection under his dressing gown. However, I had seen it and I think the gasp was more for the size than what he was doing. It must have been at least 9" long and even his hand only just encircled it. Christ, he said leaping up, I thought the door was locked. I'm sorry I blurted out. As he stood there, all embarrassed, he didn't realise that this most impressive cock was still poking out of his dressing gown. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

We both stood there speechless. Then, he walked over and said, Janet I'm so sorry. His cock is still sticking out. I tried to think what to say but foolishly, my hand came out and took hold of his cock. I had no control over this moment and it was like watching someone else. Oh God, he said as my hand slowly wanked this bloody gorgeous cock. I could not have stopped if I had wanted too. His arms reached out to me and the next minute we are kissing. My hand still clasped around his cock. He moves to kiss my neck and starts to unbutton my blouse. I groan and place my other hand on his cock as well. My blouse falls open and he reaches behind and undoes my bra. His hands cup my breasts and my nipples feel as if they are on fire. He bends down and starts to suck them and I am still wanking him. This can't be happening but I am pulled across to the settee and my skirt is pushed up to my waist. Hands start at the top of my tights and then I feel both my tights and knickers sliding down my legs. Why don't I stop this. Because I am still holding this bloody amazing cock. I'm pushed back and he drops to the floor on his knees, my legs are parted, I have to let go of his cock, and then his mouth is on my pussy. His tongue touches my clit and I can't breathe. Three, four, five strokes of his tongue and I am on fire. My legs are around his neck and I am forcing his head down on me. It can't be more than 3 or 4 minutes since I walked into his house. Where is Maureen, she could have been upstairs for all I know. But to be honest, it didn't matter. All I wanted was to be fucked by that beautiful cock. My first orgasm came out of nowhere. Bam. I'm convulsing on his tongue. I have to push his head away to stop as it is overpowering. He takes his cock in his hand, rubs it up and down my slit, giving me another orgasm, and then slides it in. No adjustment, so filling. I am so wet that this gorgeous cock, bigger than I have ever had before, goes right into the hilt. My cervix must have opened for him and started to massage his head. Oh god, he says and then starts to withdraw and push back. We start to fuck. It's incredible. My legs are flapping wildly, I'm shouting obscenities and then I cum again, but this time so does he. I can feel his pulsating cock sending waves of cum inside me. It's over. He lays there, panting, his wilting cock still inside me. I'm breathing so heavy, it's a wonder I can breathe at all.

Christ, what have I done, he says. Nothing, I say, our secret but thank you. Thank you, he says, thats the best sex I have had in years. Same here, I say but let me up and get dressed. He only has to pull his dressing gown together but i have to relace my tights and knickers. Anyway, we are tidied and go into the kitchen. Wine or a cup of tea, he says. I'll have a glass of wine. It's 20 minutes since I arrived. He looks at me and says, I have always wanted to fuck you and now I have, it was better than I ever could have imagined. That was the first time that I blushed. Another 10 minutes and his wife, Maureen comes home, and we chat as old friends do until my husband comes to pick me up. On the way home home, I looked at him and said 'You'll ever believe what happened......