Written by yates

11 Apr 2011

For those who read my story, 'A chance encounter' posted last Feb here is a sequel.

I had a meet arranged with my girlfiend in a city 80 miles away last Friday. Knowing she would be at work I deliberately went early and returned to the sex shop where the previous encounter took place. This time there was a chap in the shop browsing the dvd's. 'Remember me?', I said to the owner. 'Of course', he replied with a wink. I stood there browsing the butt plugs and other goodies waiting for the other customer to make his mind up. After 10 minutes I gave up and went to the hobby shop down the street. When I returnesd the man had gone so I indicated that I should go behind the door to the side of the counter where we were before, out of sight of anyone in the shop. As soon as he had closed the door he undid his jeans and pushed his pants down. I wasted no time in getting that gorgeous knob between my lips. After a few minutes he pulled out and placed a chair in the alcove and he assumed a half lying position with that beautiful cock sticking up in the air. From that position he could see the monitor for the cam covering the entrance. I knelt on the floor and continued to suck and run my tongue round his knob and running it up the underside. After a while I could tell he was getting close so I stopped and said, 'Fuck me'. Without a word he stood up and reached to the side of the counter and got a condom and some lube and I quickly dropped my trousers and, spreading my legs, braced myself against the door. His second attempt found the target and, no gentle probing, he rammed his cock right up in one go. God, it was wonderful! We soon had a great rhythm going, he thrusting forward and me pushing back to get him as deep as possible. But all good things come to an end and a few minutes later his thrusts became more urgent and, letting out a groan they must have heard in the shop next door, he pulled my hips to him and, buried deep, I could feel that thick cock pulsing away. A few, more gentle, thrusts and then he withdrew, game over. Later that night my girlfriend twice got the benefit of the erections I had thinking about the afternoons delights. My big problem now is that I probably won't get to visit my girlfriend again until August.