Written by Paola3

30 Dec 2016

I sat down on my heels to pick up the cash I deliberately dropped. My coat fell open and my grey skirt went up to the tops of my stockings, showing my black shiny stockings and white suspenders. I think the young man who'd been eyeing me up must have seen all this as he bent down to help. He could probably even see the little white triangle of my panties. I thanked him as I stood up tugging at my hem to get it down to its full eighteen inches.

He'd been secretively looking at me since I followed him into the bookshop where I lingered looking at history books which were evidently his thing. Twenty-one, maybe twenty two. Longish hair, skinny jeans, nice bum, neat-looking package under his zip. Looked fit as well as fit and as though he'd just come out of the shower. He smelled good. Not cheap. Just the young young man to pull for a girl in her later twenties.

I was on the pull. My partner who was, frequently a twice-a-day man had been away for ten days and I was very needy. I wasn't cut out for a nun. I missed his hands over me, my nipples being sucked, breasts fondled. I missed the sensation of feeling a cock grow and harden under my ministrations. I ached for cock., in my hands, in my mouth. I could play with my clit, use a vibrator but it wasn't satisfactory like a man's attentions and desperate keenness, the enthusiastic thrusting. T I missed the sense of relief which a man gets when he cums. I missed the white cream shooting onto my boobs, my back or my bum or shot inside from a hard cock buried ball deep in me to run down my legs later.

I dressed carefully after breakfast and shower. I needed to look good.The Italian side of me came out. Careful make up, hair curled and false eyelashes. I looked god I had to admit. Few men would pass the chance.White platform bra. Suspenders and panties to match - just two tiny triangles sewn together. Black stockings, grey check mini-skirt and 4 inch heels on my ankle boots. Added to my height I was tall enough to make any man notice me but not to be dwarfed. Over all I put my black coat to just above the knee. I know how sexy a lot of men find it when a girls modest coat falls open to reveal a short skirt and a lot of dark thigh. That's exactly what I'd done in the bookshop and having deliberately dropped my purse as I passed him I made life easy for him by giving him a flash of thighs, suspenders and panties to make sure I didn't lose him. "Thanks. I owe you a coffee", I said.

Coffee and back to my hotel room. Now for the real thing.

On the sofa my skirt slid up and he couldn't keep his hands off my thighs. My hand on his jeans, I felt a hard mound waiting to be released. I stroked and explored him as his hand felt its way into my panties and clit. For his years he was good and I felt a surge building up within me to ecstasy. In response I unzipped him, teasing him through his tight boxers. I pulled his jeans down exploring the rigid cock restrained inside his pants. Already his hips were beginning to buck with desire.so I pulled down his pants to release him. His rigid, throbbing cock was gorgeous, big, thick smooth, carefully tended. Beautiful, shaved down to the balls. His hair was neatly trimmed but not shaven. A thick, dark, luxuriant growth. I took the weight of his firm, tight balls in one hand squeezing and teasing. I encircled my lips round the throbbing tip, exploring its shape and sensitivities with lips and tongue.. I slipped out of my panties and asked him to stand in front of me. He was naked, his large cock standing to attention in front of me, throbbing as blood pulsed through the big blue vein, engorging the swollen head so it was hard and blue, full of desire. I took out the silk ribbon I had brought in my bag to tie up his balls and cock - a new experience for him I think. I tied twice round his balls then around his cock.. His balls felt big, hard as they were pulled forwards. They felt like an apple hard and round. Again I took his standing cock in my mouth stroking and loving his hard balls with one hand whilst feeding myself his cock with the other. His hands on my head forced me down on him.

Fully dressed, Italian style, I bent over the bed to be doggied. He thrust excitedly in, buried deep to his hard, tied balls.

First it was the act of a desperate man, fast, deep, uncontrolled and enthusiastic. Then into a slower rhythm. It felt . My vagina was full of his big swollen cock. It felt amazing to feel it sliding down.to the tip. Then in. Then out. His hands held my hips, pushing and pulling. His hard balls went against my clit I co-operated, willingly, keenly pushing backwards forwards with my hips. A hand between my legs I felt his cock stretching me, his balls against me whilst with two fingers I stimulated the top of my clit.

I took off the ribbon and we 69ed. His salty cock, covered in our combined juices, my cum, his pre-cum, slid in and out of my mouth and his tongue worked my clit. His body, his noise, told me he was about to cum.

"On my boobs". I pushed up my top and bra and he sat astride me. I reached down to his cock, still defying gravity, and wanked. I loved the sight of my hands slipping up and down his cock. I had made it like this and now I was making him desperate to shoot his baby-making juice over me. This was real girl power. His tight little bum was riding my hips as he thrust up and down into my hands. I could feel the muscles in his cock telling me they were going to pump. I slip my hand to its base as his gorgeous thick creamy spunk shot out. He yelled with joy?, release? as a the release he'd been anticipating, longing for, building up to occurred, Four shots arced into the air, landing on my boobs, neck and face. More flowed out. His cock still rampant, I tasted the sweet, salty, sticky cum with my finger, spreading the rest over my boobs and tummy with my hands.

He relaxed. Smiled. "Thanks. Thanks so much. That was amazing?" He thanked me? I was the one who needed a man's spunk. Who needed a man's cock. Who needed a man's hunger. The hunt was well worth it.