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12 Dec 2009

i have been seeing my girlfriend now for 2 yrs, we have some realy good sex times when i get the chance to meet her, we talk about other men joining in with us and it gets her spunking and squirting as if she has wet herself, she says she wants to try 3 cocks at once, anyway, today i met up with her and we went out to hoober stand, we were having a good time i had my fingers up her cunt and sucking her tits, a few cars went past, then after she had been giving me a blowjob, a car went past slow and the bloke looked in, he drove past and turned round and came back, i still had her tits out and he stopped and looked in again. he had to move because another car was comming up the lane, he turned round again and as he slowed i had the window open and said to him, you have just missed it she has just given me a blow job, he drove down the road and got out and went into the field opposite. we carried on playing and she said, hes in the field looking,

he was stood rubbing himself, i said come on lets give him a show but she said no, i started to get her tits out again but he made her uncomfortable by hiding in the field looking, he vanished and then he turned up on the other side of the car, he came up close but she started laughing at his antics, and we couldnt get back into action, she got a bit worried and then he left, i said thought you would have given him a show but she said next time, so we will try again soon