Written by Tony

2 Oct 2014

What has been long running, my wife's affair a lot of people may wonder why I have not interfered, there is a few reasons the main one being its not in my face its really been discreet, and it seemed to sneak up on me, it had been going on a long time before I had any idea, even when I got a hint and some cues I never put two and two together

There is also another reason I am getting enjoyment out of it but that didn't come till later

Tract my wife got involved with someone who was her boss at the time and since then he has become a friend,I imagine it started not that long after she went and worked for Graham

Graham is your nice guy every one likes him he is charming, so I can see what Tracy could see in him, he is a bit older than Tracy by about ten years but he don't look his age his always smartly dressed and quite good looking, he was divorced about a year before Tracy started working with him and at first I put Graham down as a ladies man

Tracy seemed quite happy with her job it was all very normal there was the odd late evening no more than one would expect,it be after a number of months Tracy told me she had a new roil with more responsibility and a better salary I was please for her we even went for a meal to celebrate, she explained she now be working more closely with Graham

After that there where a few more late evenings this was put down to meeting and clients and so on

I was even please about that my wife was doing well,I don't remember quite when after that we when for dinner with Graham, and that was my first really meeting with him and we got on very well to honest I like the guy, the dinner dates soon became a regular thing and we invited him to ours for meals I started playing a round of golf with him

The next thing to happen was Graham said he had a very important meeting coming up and would I object if he asked Tracy to go with him he was asking because it mean an over night stay in a hotel and he didn't what to upset any thing with us

I told him that be fine with me so he said he put it to Tracy as he really like her help with this one, so it happened they went away, the day after they got back Graham phoned to thank me and say what a help Tracy was to him and because of her the deal was done

He said I would know how useful it can be to have a woman with when dealing with some people I agreed as I do marketing

That was a start after that there was quite a few of the that sort of meetings came up with long gaps between them, after a time the gaps got shorter, it was over a period of time so I never really noticed that much, I guess it be over a year my wife would be away two to three times a month and a lot of them where two night stays, it became a normal thing for Tracy to say I will not be hear on what ever date I never questioned it, I also have to travel with my job some times

It been over two years by then, Graham was like a close family friend in a lot of ways

It was getting blatant if I could see it, the trips now some times included weekends and they could be Spain France almost any where I must of been blind

There also some thing about Graham I got a look at Graham in the shower at the golf club I didn't know he was in there the shower was not running and I opened the door and there was Graham buck naked in front of me, well I have never seen a cock like his it was huge even limp its big long and very thick hanging there, I said sorry and closed the door

At home I said to Tracy guess what I have seen, Graham got a cock like a donkey,her reaction was not quite what I expected she seemed a little flustered before saying why do I want to know, what I didn't know was she already knew how big he was

The first cues started to appear the next Christmas at a party we where at, it was one where the booze flowed and Tracy had had couple more than the norm,I went into the kitchen and my wife and Graham where in there, they pretended to be chatting but I am sure thy been kissing before I walked in and had jest stopped my wife had her hands round the back of his neck as I went in

I put it down to the party mood and booze, all the same it triggered some thing I found I was now looking at them both a little more closely, it didn't take long to spot some other small things like she was on the phone to him and I walked in the conversation changed from the snipped I got outside to yes I will get that sighed off,the turning point came one day when I looked in her case after a trip Tracy had come home late in the evening and left it and went to work the next morning, why I opened it I don't know

Inside was lingerie I had never seen before she never warn it for me, there was stockings a suspender belt a G-string and thongs, why did she need them for a business trip

I got thinking of patons there may be, this was a long shot but Tracy would never have sex with me after a trip, she always be to tired, and when I thought about it, it was the same after a late evening and over all our sex life had dropped off, it was more like she did it for my sake not hers

It was coming together a bit at a time, then by shear chance I was to find out,I think when it came it was the shock of my life, I had been away on business and I was due to be away for three nights, and what happened it ended up only two, I really thought it would be a surprise for my wife me coming home early so didn't tell her in fact I had told her I wouldn't be home till the following evening

It did go wrong in away I spent hours in traffic, it was eleven o-clock before I got home

the house looked quiet as I pulled up the downstairs lights where off, I let myself in I was being quiet thinking Tracy may be asleep, I creep upstairs on the landing I could hear some noises coming from our bedroom, the truth is I really thought Tracy had fallen asleep with TV on she been know to do that, I eased the door open and stepped in the room, the TV was off only the bedside lights on, what was in front of I couldn't make out our on the bed was a naked woman sitting up right, it had to be my wife, she had her thighs apart and was on top of some thing, her body was moving and she was moaning

I stood there looking trying to figure out what was going on, I heard her say OH GOD then she seemed to lift her body up and down gasping out loud, then she almost fell forward

IT was then I realised what was happening a pair of arms went round her then the bed was shaking she almost screamed out, she had been fucked herself on top of a man now he was fucking her by bucking under her, a man grunted a few times and the movement stopped

They lay still for a moment or two, then she got off him and what was coming out of her was huge really long, she ended up beside him, it was when the man lent over to kiss her I could then see who it was it was Graham even after the kiss it was a few seconds before Tracy sore me, she screamed out then shouted what are you doing home, as if it was my fault coming home, my wife was panicking Graham seemed quite cram, there was a short shouting mach between me and Tracy

We all ended up in the lounge my wife still angry with me for coming home, but Graham turned the shouting to a conversation, he apologised not for fucking my but for me catching them and finding out in that way, he asked if I had a problem with what had happened then explained they been sleeping together for about three years, and he thought I must of known and was happy to let it carry on

The out come of thins got very complicated the bottom line was they sill intend to see each other and I had a choice put up with it or basically go, I agreed in away to let it carry on, the only difference now was it was in the open we had a marital triangle, it was pointed out we had that any way but I didn't know about it, it wasn't quite as simple as that as time went on I some how got more involved