Written by Alison

17 Jan 2013

Thank you for all your comments. You don't know how relieved I was to read them. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post this part. Despite the comments to part one being positive, between submitting part 2 and it being uploaded, I'd convinced myself that it was to long winded and I'd get lots of bad comments. A confidence issue, where I see criticism where none was intended. At least I have banished my sexual inhibitions and have no hang-ups or issues as far as sex is concerned. Anyway I had deleted what I'd written of part 3 so had to start again.

Dirk and Pieter had left about 2am, it had been a long day and I didn't wake until after 9am. I could hear the shower running, got out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. My pussy was feeling decidedly sticky after the previous evening, my bladder full to bursting. No longer concerned by Dan seeing, I sat on the loo peeing, watching him while he shaved his cock and balls and after he'd finished I showered while Dan went out to buy fresh croissants.

We sat out the balcony, talking about the previous evening. I was still extraordinarily excited by what I'd done, describing how great it had been to bring two young guys to the apartment, how fantastic it had been having three cocks to satisfy me. Remembering I’d been fucked five times, twice each by Dirk and Pieter, once by Dan, I reach for his prick and told him he owed me one, lent over and kissed the end and took the tip between my lips. I was getting carried away again but he stopped me, to risky on the balcony during the day. I was feeling frisky and we only got as far as the sofa just inside the doors and probably still visible from outside. I sucked him fully erect, got on top, guiding his cock into my pussy, rocking and grinding against him getting nicely into my stride.

We'd only being fucking a couple of minutes when my mobile rang. I ignored it but Dan grabbed it off the shelf, glanced at it, “It's your husband” I was about to tell him to just leave it when the devil inside got the better of me again. “Quick, give it to me” he handed it over, I connected the call and chatted to hubby, while Dan fucked me. He asked how my holiday was, the weather etc, but was so intent on boring me about the football, he didn't even notice me breathing quite heavily, or the pauses while I bit my lip to stop myself making any give away noises when I spoke. I ended the call after about 5 minutes, when Dan started fucking me more vigorously and I was in danger of giving the game away and cumming. I know, very naughty but strangely a turn on.

By the time we'd finished, I was hot and sweaty, and needed another shower to cool down and wash Dan's spunk from my pussy before we went out. Just wearing my sun hat, shades and sun screen we strolled to the beach. I was still finding the novelty of being outdoors completely naked exciting. It was getting on for lunch time, hotter than the previous day, the beach quite busy but not packed. We put our towels and bags down then waded into the sea, the cool water was refreshing and had the usual effect on my nipples. We stood holding each other, the water above our waists and kissed. I gave his cock a playful squeeze under the water and asked if he'd ever had sex in the sea. He hadn't, neither had I, and I added it to my list of things I wanted to try. We lay sunbathing for an hour or so, then went up the beach for a cooling drink. We had intended to explore further but I was feeling the heat so went back to the apartment, to cool off and shower.

Late afternoon we returned to the beach, a little cooler and a bit of a breeze which I found pleasant. We paddled along the shoreline for several hundred yards towards where there were fewer people. Some we noticed nonchalently touching each other, perhaps a guy, his hand just touching a woman's pussy. A woman holding a guys balls, another with her head resting close to her mans cock, taking it in her mouth and giving it a quick suck as we passed. Although I'd been expecting to see such things I was surprised how open it was, no one batting an eyelid. We had passed the start of the low dunes and went up the beach to look. A fairly large area of low dunes, interspersed with clumps of bushes, scrub and grass, if you wanted privacy or not to be seen by a casual observer. A few people sunbathing, some hidden by sun umbrellas who may have been doing something. With the exception of a guy a hundred yards away, perhaps more, who kept sitting up and looking around as if keeping watch, nothing seemed to be happening. Dan said we needed to walk further away from the complex and camp site and in that direction I could see some people standing or strolling, to far to be sure what they were doing

I gripped his hand tightly as we ventured further. We passed a wind break, behind it a girl sitting next to a guy tossing him off. Women laid with their legs wide open, displaying everything, some casually touching themselves, one actually masturbating next to her partner, several men and couples watching her. I'd like to do that I thought, adding it to my to do list. I'm certain at least one woman was giving a blow job under an umbrella. Another woman on the edge of the beach, near some rickety fencing, sitting astride a guy, with people close by. Whether he had his cock in her I couldn't see, but several guys were watching them closely. There was probably more activity we couldn't see clearly. We'd gone some distance when we stumbled across a couple fucking, almost hidden. The woman on top, riding her man, sucking the cock of a guy standing next to her, two more men sitting watching and wanking. Dan seemed to think it was OK to stop. His hand strayed to my bum, fondling my cheeks. I watched both nervously and excitedly, my first real opportunity to watch another woman being fucked and perform a sex act on a guy. We'd arrived just in time to see both the guys cum, one in her mouth the other in her pussy. She looked over at us and smiled. Show over, me moved on.

We found what seemed a secluded spot to lay our towels and decide what to do next. The sun was still strong, hot on my naked body, reaching bits that had never been exposed before. I'd put on plenty of sun oil before we came out but the last thing I wanted was to end up with sunburnt tits or even worse a burnt pussy. I laid on my front while Dan did my back. He rubbed the oil onto the back of my legs, thighs, and bum which seemed to need a lot of attention, his hand moving between my buttocks. I told him to behave and do my back before I burned. He did my back and shoulders then back to my bum, pushing his hand between my legs, the side of his hand, rubbing my pussy, his thumb, pressed against my anus. I could feel my pussy getting wet and told him to stop. “Are you sure? A couple of guys are watching” he said quietly. I was actually feeling quite nervous, outside, on a public beach, feeling very exposed. The door at the sex shop had been locked. The previous evening what I’d been doing outside the bar had been partly hidden.“Do you think I should turn over?” I replied hesitantly. He realised I was unsure and suggested that I part my legs a little first, so they could see better, while he rubbed more oil on, making sure he touched my pussy frequently. “They are almost certainly hoping to see something. They had no other reason to stop. Turn over when you feel comfortable” he reassured me.

I looked up and down the beach, the nearest people were about 40 or 50 yards away, an older couple I hadn't noticed previously, the guy laid on his side, back to us, leaning over kissing the woman, his arm moving, looking suspiciously like he was fingering her. I felt happier then, and moved my legs further apart. I felt Dan dribbling sun oil on my bum and it trickling into my crack. He put the bottle down next to me, then began to rub oil onto my buttocks, my inner thighs, closer and closer to my pussy. I felt his fingers brush my gash, my legs almost involuntarily opening wider. “Are they still watching?” I asked. “They've moved closer, about 5 yards away” he replied, slipping his fingers into my pussy. I shivered with excitement, asked if anyone else was near, he told me the couple were walking towards us. I looked up as they passed, the guys prick, fully erect, so obvious what they were up to. Just the impetus I needed to finally relax enough and roll on to my back.

I saw the two guys who'd been watching me for the first time, late forties, early fifties, both a bit overweight. I had no intention of letting them fuck me but was happy for them to watch me masturbate. I picked up the sun oil and poured it on my breasts. I began smoothing it on to my tits, cupping them, rubbing oil onto my nipples, getting them hard. I sat up straighter, poured oil on my tummy, letting it trickle down to my pussy, parting my legs, the oil flowing into my cunt. I moved my hands down over my abdomen, my fingers moving closer and closer to my pussy. I moved both my hands onto my mons, my fingers gliding over my slippery, smooth skin grazing my clitoris. Stroking my clit in little circular movements the little bud stiffened under my touch. I moved my hands again, moving them between my legs, one either side of my gash, my thumbs pressing against my aroused clitty. They were watching intently, as I slowly pulled my cunt open. Spreading my legs wider, I pushed my fingers in from both sides, stretching my hole as wide as I could holding my cunt open, pushing my fingers in before moving one hand back to tease my clitoris. I closed my eyes, now revelling in what I was doing. I began to masturbate for them, caressing my clit, my fingers sliding into my oily cunt, fucking myself with all four fingers. It only took me two, certainly no more than three minutes to bring myself to climax.

It was only when I opened my eyes that I discovered that, the two guys hadn't been the only ones watching. A man and a woman of about 40, were just a couple of yards away. I might have been annoyed with Dan for not warning me if the woman hadn't crouched in front of the guy and begun sucking his cock, whilst fingering herself. One of the old guys said something I couldn't understand. He was holding his erection, probably asking if I would suck him. I replied in English that I didn’t understand and shook my head, he got the message, gave a shrug and they both stood watching. I looked at Dan, he had a hard on, I licked my lips, “Go on then” he grinned, moving closer to me. I held his cock, ran my tongue along his shaft, took him in my mouth and began to suck him, the woman gave me a wink as we both gave head. A group of about six passed, slowing to watch as the pair of us gobbled our blokes. I swallowed Dan's spunk, she stopped sucking at the last moment letting her guy cum on her face and tits, rubbing it into her skin, sexily.

Our show was over, the two guys and the group moved away and we sat chatting to the couple, David and Charlotte. They were French, spoke some English and said they were libertines, visited Le Cap every year to swap and watch each other having sex. They were an attractive couple, very pleasant. I of course noticed David's cock, hoping that I might get to know it better. Charlotte had a nice body, large tits which made my 36d's look small, her pussy shaved except for a little strip of dark hair above her pierced clit. They suggested a drink at the beach bar we accepted and went with them. They seemed to know lots of people, couples and single guys, who came over to speak, introducing us to them and we sort of got absorbed into their circle. It was the best thing that could have happened. They knew where to go, on the beach, the clubs and bars, depending what you were looking for and she was able to show me the “ropes” both figuratively and one night literally! They invited us to join them later in one of the bars to meet some more of their friends with the lure of probably some fun after. Of course we accepted.

This is a good place to end Part 3. Part 4 will follow in a few days if you want me to continue.