Written by disappointed

2 Aug 2017

well, this is another scenario where my wife was in another position to experience a guy.

You may remember my first post quite some time ago where she failed to have some fun because the guy had a guilt complex. if you haven't read it, search for the title above without the (again) and make sure to include the apostrophe ' .

some of you may think this story is boring but i can promise you it is 100% true.

my wife used to play for a local domino team.

as she went to referee a game i was sat at the bar with another team member who is about our age, (my wife is 60 me slightly older).

i mentioned my problems to him because of ill health, my libido had totally 100% died.

he bemoaned the fact that some 20 year previous his wife had had an operation which turned her completely off sex.

so, he was going without and so was my wife.

i half joked that maybe it would be beneficial all round if they where to get together.

to say he was surprised was an understatement, his eyes lit up like strobe lights at a disco.

"eh!! that's not a bad idea" he said

"will you ask her if we can get together?" he proffered.

"no chance" i said "if you wanna get together it's up to you to ask her".

she finished refereeing the game and came and joined us.

"B is coming up to the club with us later, as he wants to ask you something".


she looked at B and said "but when we go we move rather fast, we don't hang about. so be ready"

we left for the club.

once inside we settled down at a table.

"right" i said "tell her what you want"

he looked very unsure of whether to go ahead and ask.

"if you don't ask you will never know, will you?"

he started off saying "J tells me you are missing out sexually due to his operation leaving him impotent".

she slowly said "yyesssss"......."and". i could see her thinking....where is this going.

"well".. he replied "i was wondering, because me and my wife haven't done anything for over 20 years, if we couldn't get together, J would be happy because your having your needs seen to, and we would both be happy, as we would both be pleasured".

"it's a win win situation"

"i don't know, i will think about it and let you know"

at the end of the night we left the club and dropped B off at his home.

my wife drove away and then the bollocking started.

she exploded in a rage.."what the hell where you thinking?"

we talked it through when we got home, he could not come to ours as our son was always home as was B's kids.

my mother had just died and we still had the keys to her accommodation.

"we could go to my mums" i suggested

"and what if we are seen?"

"they will just think we are getting her affairs in order".

she agreed we would meet him on a tuesday night. it was november so was dark early.

the monday night came and my wife was refereeing again.

B came over and said hello and what was the outcome of our meeting last week.

i said "it's on for tomorrow night, is that OK".

"fine by me" he replied.

"i will be there you know that don't you?"

"oh yes, that's not a problem".. "but where will we be.

i explained our solution.

the next day my wife showered and trimmed herself, dressing in sexy underwear.

we drove up to the pub where he said he would be.

"are you alright?" i asked my wife "i'm shaking like a leaf, you know iv'e never had another guy, the last one couldn't manage it, but he was young and naive it looks like this time it's going to happen"

"don't worry, you'll enjoy yourself". "i'll go and get him"

it was 7pm i walked to the pub lounge door and opened it ajar.

he saw me and i beckoned him to come out.

he got in the back of the car and we set off.

we said our "hellos".

we arrived at mums and went in. my wife went in first followed be B, i was last.

i went into mums bedroom to check everything was alright.

i entered the living room and they were snogging, but she quickly pulled away, "eugh!! don't do that" she said.

"whats wrong?" i asked

"he stuck his tongue in my mouth"

"oh".."she doesn't like that B"

"OK...sorry"...they removed their coats and went into the bedroom.

i watched as he undressed her. then he stripped himself.

they got on the bed and kneeled between her legs and started to suckle her breasts.

"stay that way..til i get back iv'e left something in the car".

i left the place and went to my car to get my camcorder and returned.

when i got back he was going down on her.

after 10 minutes of foreplay he raised himself up and the deed was about to be done.

i stood at the side of him with my camera..

"hang on B i wanna get this on cam it's only her second cock ever to enter her"

he smiled and shooed me away.

"stand back J please" he said.

he then suggested to my wife to get on all fours.

this she did, but as soon as she did he said..."no that's no good"

after about 5 minutes of him trying to get himself inside my wife, he gave up.

"whats the problem" i asked

"he can't get a hard on" my wife replied.

"oh dear"..."that's to bad"

i said "i'll give you 10 minutes or so..see if you can get one on"

"it's no use" he said it's the camera"

"nah" i said "it's something else"

he insisted it was the camera.

they got dressed and we left the flat.

i dropped him off at the pub and we left for the club.

"are you disappointed" i enquired

"not really..if it had happened then it would have happened."

i said to her " it seems IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE....that's twice now you've been let down".

i'm beginning to believe your right she said..and she continued to play bingo as if nothing had happened which it didn't lol.

about 3 weeks later he came up to the club and admitted he had had a shower earlier at teatime and had masturbated and that was the reason he couldn't get an erection.

so, it wasn't my camera and it wasn't my wife's fault (which she thought it was at the time)

please don't post comments like "send her round to me"

anybody else been in this situation?