Written by anonkent

3 Oct 2008

it happened a short time ago, we, that is me and a couple who we will call s and m, had been chatting on here for a little while and had \\\' flashed each other and done all the pc things etc, and i said i\\\'ll have to visit you two, s said i was welcum anytime thou it would have to fit around mal\\\'s shifts as he was a shift worker and they lived 180 miles awayso we knew it wouldnt be easy or probably not possible.... but luck was on my side and i had to go to a city near them for work the following week, so when we next chatted i told them and the day evening i was free so were they and invited me over i was pretty excited about meeting them i can tell you

even if nothing much happened it would be a good evening i thought!on the way i got a couple bottles of nice wine ( i had asked what they liked so knew we would all have a drink)and i stopped in a quiet area to have a joint , as they smoked but not that.nicely buzzing i was at theirs in a few mins with great directions from s.i knocked the door ans s answered she looked fantastic about a size 12 lovely shape firm looking breats , a shotish skirt ( denim) white top bare legs to die for ( thou i must admit i do love stockings )she said \\\' hiya\\\' come in so i did and asked where mal was ,, s said he\\\'d gone to get some wine and wouldnt be long, i followed her to the kitchen to put the wine in the fridge and we went to the lounge and chatted till m got back which wasnt long but seemed ages and she was so sexy i wondered if i could keep my hands off... but i managed.we were having a drink and m suggested warming up with a game of spin bottle,,, dares andtruths, the usual ensued i got her to dance a little sexily when it was my turnhe got her to kkiss me.. geez i held her close and felt her tits against me .. she knew i liked that she whispered .. i can feel you too its nice..i then said he had to kiss herand while kissing her slipped a finger into her puss withdrew it and licke it in front of herit was his turn he said i had to take her top off mmmmmmmmm i\\\'d been waiting for that , we stood facing each other as i started unbuttoning her sheer white blouse and as i got to the third button could not resist a feel of her tits over her top and thru her bra just a cupping and a gentle squeeze, she murmered so i pulled her closer took her blouse off and started to kiss her our toungues were sharing each other as we kissed i undone her bra and kissed down to her tis and tooka nipple in my mouth to lick and suck her nipples became very hard and she whipered she was getting wet, i slid my hand under her skirt and she parted her legs a little as i felt her wetness thru her panyies, i pushed the little gusset to one side and gently pushed a finger in ... she liked that.. i pulled my finger out and started to lick my finger she licked it too and whispered that she was going to taste her juice off my cock later....as we sat bacl he said to her \\\' hes still half dressed\\\' so she got up and started to strip me to which i said to him \\\' and you should strip her off too.... only fair\\\' yes she said it is so he took her skirt off and removed her panties to reveal a lovely part shaven part trimmed neat wet pussyand as she pulled my boxers down she was confronted by my raging hard on only 6\\\'\\\' bit it felt much bigger she started to slowly wank me and stroke my ballsand said im not going to suck him yet i want my juice on it too

he was fingering her from behind and we were kissing and stroking , her tits were really fantastic and she said she hadnt had this much attention for ages her nipples were really hard and her pussy so wet she turned round and he still had his pants on... off with them she said and started to play with him , he was hrad too, she told him she wanted him to lick her so he went down on hershe called me over and said \\\' kiss me, play with my titsrub your cock on me,\\\' so i did while he was licking her to orgasmshe was loving it she moved arond for him to doggie her but she said \\\' first i want you to dip in me cos when hes fucking me i want to taste us both of your cock, i did as asked and dipped a litle.. it was very wet very warm and felt so good it was a shame to pull out but it was for a blowjob so what the hell.... and what a blow job... she knew what she wanted and how to pleasehe was fucking her for about a couple of mins and then came in her, pulled away and seemed very satisfied, unlike her she seemed a tad dissapoited at that point one of the kids was stirring so i thought she would go and i wondered if that was it.... but she told him to go and to clean himself up before coming back... he did as he was told and went to sort the kid

... as soon as the door shut she came over and straddled me and said i hope you last longer than him its been ages since ive been good and proper fucked i said i\\\'d do my best she had straddled my cock and was moving a little on iit and i said i dont have a rubber on she said .. good that was just for his benefit i want your cum in me, dont worry im protected so just relax and let it cumi pushed her off to the floor after a few mins and spread her legs i wanted to taste her and find her bud to lick and lap i was fingering her while licking her she was moviving very well and so wetas she came she gushed a little so i dipped my cock again and then got her to suck it she was enjoying that so was i

we then moved into doggie as she got on all fours it was whatv i waited for to be pushing my cock in that very wet very warm pussy slowly at first as she joined the rhytm then a little faster and then hard she was in heaven she said, i slapped her arse as i fucked her and she whimpered but said do it again i pulled her hair a little and she liked that too not too rough just a little then i said \\\' you\\\'re such a slut im going to fuck your arse\\\' no not that she said but as i pulled my cock from her pussy and had my hands down there getting her juices back along her crack to self lube i slipped a finger in her arse and with a little moan she said\\\' yes i am a slut fuck my arse please\\\' it was tight and slowly built up a tempo she was really enjoying it and as i felt my first cum rising i withdraw my cock and spunked right on her arseholeand down on her fanny and up her back... she really moaned in pleasure

.... there is more to tell but do you want to read it??