Written by Paulrcouple

25 Aug 2011

We got a email from a young Asian lad from this site about 5 months ago wanting to meet us we don't normally invite people round on the first meet because we run a pub.

Jane said no we can not do it remember what happened years ago when some one turned up out of the blue i said it will be ok he does not know who we are and if we don't like the look of him we will not make contact.

I Emailed him and said we was up for a meet He told us his name Was Anton i wont use his site name that's up to him if he puts a comment on about us .

So we arranged to meet one Monday night i told him to get here at about 10-30 and told him were to sit and we will go and talk to him i told him we will be with friends who don't know about this side of our life and we have got to be very careful.

Anton got here right on time he came in got a drink and went to were i had told him the pub was busy a good few couples our age he did not have a clue who we were.

He was smartly dressed shaved head and good looking i would say early 30tis

Jane looked at him then at me and smiled i know that smile he was going to fuck Jane if he wanted it was up to him.

Jane said how do we talk to him i told her to collect glass and just say hello and see if he chats.

Jane went round for glasses spoke to him a couple of words Jane said he was nervous well he did not know who we were a few couples in our age he did not have a clue.

He came to the bar got another drink looked round at every one hoping he might get a nod from someone.

I Spoke to him while i was getting his drink he was nice enough but he did not want to talk for long in case the couple he was meeting left if only he new it was us he went and sat down. Jane said you will have to talk to him what happens if it goes tits up and he starts saying things to other customers.

It had gone time and people were leaving he got up to go i let him get through the door i followed him out as he was getting in his car i told him who we are and would he like to come back for a drink and a chat he said yes i told him to wait in his car and when i turn the out side lights off to go to the door ok he said.

I Told Jane what was going on we got rid of everyone told the staff we were tied and would not be having a late drink.

They all went quickly lights of Anton came to the door i let him in we all got a drink sat at one of the big tables Jane in the middle of us chated about this site our meets and experiences its always hard to get started Jane went to the toilet came back she had taken her thong off put it on the table in front of us and said that's more comfortable and sat down in between us WITH HER KNEES WIDE OPEN i kissed her and felt her pussy she was soaking my finger slid in easily.Her clit was like a king prawn.

I Went to the toilet to give them a chance to get started i left them a while i came back they were stood up he was holding Jane's face kissing her tongues exploring each others mouth which i find a turn on to watch Jane had his cock in her hand i went behind her and got her boobs out i started to play with her nipples i felt her pussy her juices were like a stream running out of her.

Anton broke away and went to the toilet Jane told me Anton was totally straight and does not want any thing to do with me she said but you can watch.

Jane said shall we say no and let him go its up to you what do you want i asked her what she wanted i want him to fuck me she said remember in Tenerife i let you go with a girl when her fella went that's 20 years ago i had forgotten about that ok he might change his mind most do.

Anton came back i told him i was ok he said i can join in but not touch him so i let them go up stairs and i follow a while after.

I Went up stairs the sight that met me i have seen Jane get fuck hundreds of times but this was a bit different for ME they were both knelling up right on the bed kissing mouths wide tongues in each others mouth Jane's boobs flat on his chest his knob end rubbing on her pussy lips.

I Got the cam and started videoing he got Jane to bend over on the bed and licked her bum hole for a long time he had it wide open with his thumbs i could see his tongue go in about two inches Jane was loving it.

Jane got me to get near so she could get hold of my cock then she started sucking me she had to stop or i would have cum then she said fuck me fuck me please.

He got her on her back his cock went in easily pulling it out to the tip and then all the way back her boobs bouncing backwards and forwards.

She pulled me down to kiss her Anton was pounding away i herd him groan then the side of my face went warm he had shot one hell of a load of cum on mine and Jane's face it slid down my face Anton to Jane's lips we licked it in to each others mouth.

Anton got in between Jane's legs with is tongue i watched Jane go stiff and tight as she came i wanked all over her boobs and let her suck the last drop out of me,

Anton never went soft Jane got him on his back she mounted him she bent forward so he could suck her boobs she had hold of his cock rubbing it on he pussy lips this is were i normally suck it before it goes up Jane but it was a no go it was torture fucked Jane well and brought her off a couple of times i followed him straight after i was so horny it did not take long for me to add my cum to his.

Anton had got dressed i let him out when i got back to the bed room Jane had the video on she was fucking herself whit her rabbit.