Written by Layla

28 Feb 2011

My name is Layla and I am a slut. I haven't always been a slut, only about a year but wish it was longer. After years of being a faithful and obedient wife, the worm has turned. In the last year I have been fucked by so many men I can't remember the names of most of them and don't even care. It all began after a comment made by my husband. My original intention was just to teach him a lesson, ban him from shagging me for a while. However, I had sex with one guy and that was it, I was hooked, the dirtier the sex the better. One cock led to another and another and another.......... Now I'm probably the biggest cumslut in our town.

After a few pints my husband, Dan sometimes says the daftest and occasionally unpleasant and hurtful things which he thinks are funny. I let him get away with it, but others would not take it so lightly and if challenged he was a real wimp, thinking back it was pretty humiliating listening to him grovel after upsetting someone. I don't think he intended to upset me, we were in the pub at the new year party in December 2009. We'd been chatting to most of the regulars, including a lad called Steve who's about 24. I'd been having a bit of a laugh, flirting with him though I'm about 15 years older than him at thirty nine. When we got home Dan mentioned it, but then said he needn't worry about Steve wanting to shag me because I was fat. I suppose that when you're drunk things are said which aren't meant, other times things are said which are what you really think, but wouldn't say if you were sober. The fat comment I suspected fell into the last category. I was quite hurt that he thought that, he certainly had no chance of a leg over, that night. The next day after he went out I stood naked in front of the mirror and took stock. After fifteen years of marriage my weight had crept up from just under nine stone to eleven and a half, I had a belly and handles, two chins, thighs fat, the only good thing was my tits, which were still firm and quite perky. Right you sod, I decided, I've had enough of your insults and put downs, I was going to make him pay for his comments. I sat thinking. He thought nobody would want to fuck me, we'll see. I decided, a diet, cut out the booze and sweets. “I'll show you. I'll have you begging to let you fuck me” I told him later. He laughed. which made me more determined and I told him he'd be getting nothing if that's how he felt which shut him up. Apart from anything I'd concluded that if you stood up to him he always backed down.

I set myself a target of loosing 2½ to 3 stone, about 24 weeks, loose 1 to 2 pounds a week, I decided was attainable, in time for the summer. I had some old polaroid photos of me slim and nude, taken years ago which I dug out to remind me if my determination wavered. The pounds came off relatively easily, but left a bit of flab, so I started going to the gym and swimming. I must have lost close to a stone before Dan really noticed, offering to do jobs around the house, ingratiating himself, then whining when he still didn't get a shag. I noticed men looking at me and turning as I passed in the street. Others, including Steve, had commented, saying how slim and sexy I looked . Steve had been complementary and invited me out for dinner, I accepted, and knew that I'd let him fuck me if he wanted to. Dan was away, we hadn't had sex for weeks. I was still hurt by what he'd said, he hadn't begged and I was determined not to back down but I was getting desperate for a shag. Steve encouraged and flattered me, made me feel desirable. I dressed in my shortest skirt an almost see through blouse and sexy new undies for our dinner date. After the meal, I didn't even hesitate when he invited me back to his flat. I didn't resist when he undressed me, sucking my nipples, kissing my neck, down my body to my pussy, licking and sucking my clit, probing my pussy with his tongue, making me cum, before turning me over and fucking me, slow and deep from behind. He had a lovely thick cock, about seven inches long, which filled my hole nicely. After that he fucked me two or three times a week, usually while Dan was down the pub with his mates and if he was away I started staying the night. Once we were all down the pub, including Dan and I went outside with Steve and he fucked me over the rubbish bins. We were only gone ten minutes, Dan didn't notice and I sat talking to him with Steves spunk leaking from my pussy and soaking my panties. He had no chance of finding out, he was still banned from sex with me and was pissed anyway.

Steve told me more about himself, including that he was bisexual. After a couple of months he asked if I fancied a threesome with one of his mates. I'd wondered what it would be like having two men giving me their attention at the same time and jumped at the chance of finding out. A lovely evening of sexual pleasure followed, me being fucked and sucking cock, taking spunk in my cunt and swallowing a couple of loads of their cream. Later I lay on the bed masturbating as I watched them in a 69, sucking each others cocks until they'd both cum and I had a great orgasm I was so turned on by the sight of them together.

By mid June I was down to 8st 9lbs, my stomach pretty well flat, the fat gone from my thighs, my legs looking toned and shapely. I was delighted with the result, looking and certainly feeling fitter than I had for twenty years. By then Steve had introduced another guy to our fucking sessions and I was being regularly triple penetrated, one fucking my mouth while the other two DP'd my cunt, giving me multiple orgasms. I realised that they were turning me into a slut and didn't care. One, Two, Three guys all fucking me, why not more, in fact I craved cock, the more the better, asking Steve to invite more guys to fuck me. We managed to get a weekend at a holiday camp together. The first night we became friendly with a group of lads and he let it be known that I was available for sex. A whole rugby team plus reserves fucked me that night and the following one. After that, I was certain I was a real slut, even if they'd only fucked me once each I'd been had about forty times and most had done me more than once!!!

When, a few days later, Steve told me he wanted to fuck my arse I just undressed, knelt on the bed, holding my cheeks apart, while he got me lubricated then arse fucked me, taking my anal virginity. The first time was a bit painful, but with practise I now enjoy it, especially if I've got a nice hard cock in my pussy at the same time. The next time I was with him he told his mates that I now took it in the arse and they took turns fucking my bum hole My old clothes no longer fitted, I bought more new more revealing clothes, shorter skirts and dresses, sexy undies, but still wouldn't let Dan fuck me and he still didn't suspect a thing. I now preferred Steves and his friends, younger and certainly harder cocks, along with them being able to recover more quickly and fuck me several times during the nights we spent together. Often one or two would be fucking me while the another two lads sucked each others cocks or had anal sex next to us, horny and a real turn on for me.

I shaved my pussy so Dan could see even better what he wasn't getting, some nights laying on the bed with my legs spread wide, masturbating or using a vibrator to fuck myself, tormenting him. One time he tried to join in and I “accidentally” kneed him in the balls. That shut him up and dampened his ardour. He hadn't had sex for months and he finally begged me to let him have a shag. I reminded him what he'd said, rubbing it in telling him that he didn't think he or anyone else would want sex with me. “I'm sorry. Lots of blokes would want to have sex with you now. I didn't mean to upset you. I was wrong” he mumbled. “I know you were” I told him sweetly “Steve, two of his mates and several others have been fucking me for the last three months” He sat with his mouth hanging open, I thought he was going to cry. If he wanted to fuck me again, begging wouldn't be enough, he was going to suffer too “Remember about seven years ago when we were on holiday in Spain you tried to persuade me to have sex with that guy we met while you watched and I refused?” he nodded, his face lit up and he smiled. I soon wiped the smile off his face, I continued “Now's your chance. Do as you're told. Beg to watch me getting fucked and maybe I’ll consider letting you fuck me” He said nothing. Not what I wanted to hear, I wanted him to beg and grovel to be allowed to watch me taking another mans prick in my pussy. “Oh well I take that as a no. Fuck off and sleep in the spare room” I said. He responded at last saying he did want to watch. “In that case beg” I made him get on his knees and ask for permission to see me being fucked while I stood wanking in his face. He knelt between my legs, I told him to plead to be allowed, to lick and kiss my pussy to worship my cunt. He begged for permission to lick my pussy. I held his head, enjoying the feeling of power I now had, holding him tight thrusting against his mouth while telling him that only a few hours earlier Steve had fucked me and cum in my cunt, “Can you still taste his spunk” I goaded him. By the time I'd had enough he had a raging hard on and was wanking, pathetically grateful, thanking me when instructed for letting him tongue my cunt, he was learning his new position. He thought I was going to let him fuck me then. Wrong. Instead I told him to stand by the bed and wank until he came, make sure he caught his spunk in his hand. When he came he stood, hand dripping with spunk and I told him to lick it off and swallow it. “It'll be good practice” I told him. I don't think it had sunk in what I'd been up to, probably in shock after my revelations and how things had changed, he didn't realise what he was going to witness, and had no idea what I had planned for him.

It was still early so I showered, put on stockings, a sexy bra and panties, a short skirt and blouse and told him I was off out for a fuck with Steve and his mates and would see see him later, or more probably in the morning. He offered to give me a lift, asking if he could come with me and watch them fucking me. It was tempting, but I told him he'd have to prove he was a good boy more than once before I allowed that. I told him to wait outside Steves house for a minute while I went into see who was there. Five minutes later I phoned him on his mobile telling him to go around the back of the house and look in the conservatory. I was bent over a table being fucked by one of the guys, two more stroking their cocks waiting to take me. I gave Dan about a minute watching then told him “That's your treat for tonight. Steve and four of his mates are here, he's contacting some more to come and fuck me. You can imagine it while you wank. Now fuck off home and I may tell you all about it in the morning” I heard the gate close and the car starting as he drove off. I deliberately got home early the next morning. Dan was still in bed, a pile of tissues on the floor from all the wanking he'd done. I stood by the bed and undressed, finally peeling my soggy panties off. I got on the bed and straddled his head, told him to open his mouth then holding my cunt open let the spunk run and drip from my pussy before demanding he lick me clean. He sucked and licked the cum from my cunt, while I told him about my night, how many times I'd been fucked taking pity on him and tossing him off as a reward.

Many more than the original two were now fucking me regularly and a party had been arranged for the following weekend. I told Steve that Dan wanted to come to watch and he agreed. I'll tell you about it another time if you want.