Written by dave_kemp_1

20 Aug 2011

This is not only for all members but especially for Dena_James who left nice comments after my last true stories of J in the Europa porn cinema in Bristol.So after only her 3rd visit to the cinema I got to see her have another mans cock up her,and she loved it,so did I! Yes Mr Trilby was a nickname I gave him coz he used his hat to cover the fact he was wanking his big cock(although he lifted it occasionally to show his cock off) J was eager to meet him,so the 1st wednesday afternoon I could make (due to my shift pattern)I was in the Europe cinema,and there was was only 8 men scattered about the fair size auditorium but he wasaot alone in the back row.I sat next to him and asked "do you see couples in here putting on live shows on your visits?",he replied "no but have heard stories that it happens".I handed him J,s photos and told him "this my wife and wants to meet you and have sexy fun if you are game,when she sees your cock she will let you do most things to her,and her to you,but you must wear a condom if you fuck her".He obviously liked the look of her coz he wanked off over her photos.We arranged to meet 2 weeks later at the same time. On the day in question I met J outside her office at lunchtime(she had the afternoon as holiday)and I noticed she had her long raincoat on,and was carrying her big shoulder bag(which was empty).After we got our tickets for the cinema she went to the ladies toilet and when she came out,outwardly she looked the same except her bag was full. As we entered the auditorium she gave me the bag and said "keep hold of this Ive taken my office gear off,so only got my stockings and sussies on,hope he likes me".I assured her "oh he will,and you will went you see his cock".He was sat alone in the back row,so we sat next to him with J sat between the 2 off us.,his hat covering the fact he was already wanking off over the action on the screen.J said to him"I J Ive heard about you from my hubby you want fun with me,also you have a big cock"With that she unbuttoned the the top of her coat to expose her bare tits and Said to him "play with these and suck my nipples".He did as told and moved his hat onto the vacant seat and when J saw his cock she whispered to me "you said he had a big cock,that aint big thats a MONSTER"She opened her coat completely and placed her hand around his hard cock and slowly wanked it as he continued to suck on her nipples but rammed his fingers up her wet pussy.J stopped him sucking her tit and nipple and leant over in her seat and tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth,although in that position she didnt much of it in.So she told him "drop your trouser and pants soI can see and lick all of your cock"When he did J was on her knees infront of him licking the whole length of his cock and balls Mr Trilby asan I fuck your tits" and j just wrapped her 36c tits around his cock,and as he pumped his cock between them she licked and sucked on his cock head until he shot loads of spunk over her tits,face,and even in her mouth,J told him"lick and finger my pussy"he knelt down between her wide open thighs and did as J said,whilst I groped a tit and nibbled on a nipple until J orgasmed again. as J repli Mr Trilby stood up and asked J"can I fuck you?",and his cock was just as b9g and hard as it was before he spunked 1st.J said "oh yes",hr rolled on a condom and got between her open thighs as she sat on the edge of her seat and althought she got some of his cock up her it wasnt enough for J..She tried sitting on her upturned seat and him sat on the seat as she straddled him and although she was able to get more in her pussy she was orgasming.In the end J took Mr Trilby behind the back row to give her a better chance of teking all of his cock up her from behind.As she leant over the back of my seat I could tell from her groans,and the slap of flesh against flesh he had all of thar 10+ inch,cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy.and she was cumming and cumming..J was holding onto the back of the seats looking as if she was going to faint through sheer delight as I spunked into her mouth as he spunked into his condom..