Written by snickers

2 Sep 2008

Hi again, Jack\'s back. Thanks for the comments from part 1.

Re-cap: Jess is sat to my right on the sofa and Dan is accross us sucking me while getting wanked by her. My right hand is inside her knickers from behind with 3 fingers inside her. Thats all she\'s wearing but me and Dan are still fully clothed. I\'m sucking her tit when she puts her hand on my cheek and says \"I need more attention\" in a baby voice and does a little fake pout. Very sexy! I guided Dans mouth off my cock and aimed him at her pussy. He dropped to his knees,grabbed her knickers and pulled them off, then buried his head between her legs. I could see the muscles in his neck straining where he was trying to get his tongue as deep inside her as possible. Her head went back and she moaned loudly, I stood up on the sofa in front of her and gripped her hair with both hands, pushed my cock into her mouth and just fucked her face. I called her a dirty little slut and she exploded to orgasm, gripping Dan\'s head into her and soaking his face. I took my cock out of her mouth and she said \"Damn right I\'m a slut, get your kit off and fuck me!\" Jessica lay down on the sofa, I stripped in record time and got on top of her. Dan just sat on the floor next to us and sparked up a cigarette. His cock was back inside his jeans now but they were still undone and his free hand reached in to it as I slid mine into his girlfriend. She wrapped her legs around my back, we kissed passionately and got straight into a slow, deep rhythm. I cupped her tiny little ass in my hand and knew I wouldn\'t be able to last very long. I moved up onto my knees keeping her legs bent up around my waist and rubbed my thumb over her clit while slowly pushing myself into her to full depth. Dan put his cigarette to her lips and she took a long drag, then shuddered and came as she exhaled the smoke. That did it for me. I pulled out just in time to shoot my cum all over her belly. Dan stubbed his ciggy out and kissed her mouth, neck and tits. I rolled her onto her side to face him, one leg flat on the sofa and the other I held in the air.I slipped my cock back inside her, not as stiff as I\'d been a minute ago but I could already feel full hardness returning. Jess reached into Dan\'s jeans and took his cock out, using both hands to rub it and play with his balls. Her leg in the air wrapped around my side and I moved in even deeper, gripping the back of her head and pushing her mouth onto Dan\'s cock. He pulled her hair and roughly squeezed her tits, I slapped her little ass and grabbed her tits too. I lifted his T-shirt off over his head and then his hand was on the back of my head and we kissed, our tongues were probing each others mouth, real passionate snogging while we both pumped our cocks into his gorgeous slut girlfriend! Jess was screaming and writhing as she came again, muffled by Dan\'s dick in her mouth. I pulled out and knealt over her face and she took a cock in each hand and wanked us vigorously. Our dicks were touching and she licked the tips of both of them at the same time. Dan fired first covering her face with his cum, I shot all over her neck and tits. We collapsed in a sweaty, sticky heap and had a drink and cigarette while getting our breath back.

I realise I\'m going on a bit and we haven\'t even reached the bedroom yet, so there will have to be a part 3 if you wanna hear the rest....