Written by wicksie1v

20 Jan 2013

This story is about when I went to work in a boatyard which was owned by two brothers who always argued and how I ended up fucking both their wives.

It was the 80s and I had just moved away from norfolk to milton keynes.

One of the wives worked as secretary, the other was busy with two kids and miserable, just like her husband who was very controlling.

Anyway, I had been working away for about three weeks when I went into the office and found Jackie under her desk looking for something and I joined her on all fours to find the page that had gone missing from a letter she had typed.

I found it but didn't tell her as I had enjoyed looking up her skirt. She was about thirty and a very short skirt with stockings and suspenders.

I just couldn't resist ogling her and at one point she had her ass pointed right towards me as I put my face to the ground.

She looked back and saw me looking upher skirt and said 'what are you looking at young man' I blushed but said ' something I want to touch'.

It was her time to blush and she did, she really went red and turned and went on looking.

I presented her with the page and she said'thank god for that, it was an important letter'.

As she stood up she parted her legs as she reached over the desk, I was still on all fours, I could not resist sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh.

I could feel her stiffen but she didn't stop me so I slid my hand higher, I had got to the naked flesh of her thigh just above her stockings. I was in heaven and not even thinking about whether I would have a job the next day.

There seemed to be a moment when nothing seemed to happen then her legs parted and I think she put her hands onto the desk, still nothing said.

I slid my hand up and slowly caressed her thighs until I got to her knickers. I rubbed her crutch and could feel her getting damp and hot. I could feel the groove as her pussy lips parted and she suddenly moaned and bent her knees outwards to lower herself onto my hand. I was rock hard by now and really wanted to suck and fuck her.

I moved her knickers to one side and slid my forefinger along her slit and man did she moan with a little thrust of her pelvis. My finger slipped in and she gasped.

Then two fingers, she started really getting into it and bearing down on my hand, I pulled her knickers down to her knees and really started fingering her hard and she was gasping.

Suddenly, there were footsteps and we just got things together before her brother in law arrived. It was a few days later when I was in the yard on my own when Jackie came up to me and said that there was something she needed from the stores. I actually beliefed her as she was so serious and matter of fact. When I got in the store room she literally said 'finger me, I need you to finger me' she was really wet and I slid my hand in and she orgasmed in seconds....she actually kissed and hugged me hard as I fingered her and when she came she ran from the room. It was strange and very frustrating.

It was weeks before we were alone in the same space again and although it started very business like she said 'I am so sorry for being so selfish, I was just so embarrassed and so ashamed for feeling things I should only be feeling for my husband'. I understand I said. Don't be ashamed, you are what you are and you feel what you feel.

She kissed me and said thank you.

Two days later I was in the office collecting my pay and Jackie was her desk and I knew the brothers were away. I ducked under the desk and pushed her thighs wide and put my mouth straight onto her pussy and started to lick my way under her knickers, she was not at all resistant, in fact, she was groaning very loud and by the time my tongue was pushing inside her pussy she was cumming.

I was lickinng her clit and fingering her when she grabbed my hair and was cumming for the third time, this time I thought I would fuck her and I started fingering her with three, four fingers. She was in heaven and asking for more so I tried to fist her.

She was gasping and trying to stop me as this was a first for her, but as my hand slipped in and I pushed her thighs wider with my other hand she stated panting.

I mean really panting, and getting so wet.

I thrust into her harder and faster now and she was cumming and telling me that she loved it and wanted, no, needed to cum hard.

I stopped after her orgasm, she seemed to be very sensitive. I walked around and stood behind her and leaned over and kissed her. She responded wonderfully and enthusiastically and I unbuttoned her blouse, I wanted to see and feel her tits.

I leaned over and sucked her hard nipples and she moaned. I then stood up and unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock and ran the tip along her shoulder, she moved and looked at it and groaned.

Fuck, that is bigger than I'm used to, I asked her to suck it and she did.

I was just gonna cum when the phone rang, damn.

She had to answer it, and it was her hubby, I couldn't help it but I got under the desk again and started licking her. It was fun, I almost got her cumming on the phone to hubby. She did cum, about twenty seconds after putting the phone down.

I did get a hand job after that.

It was about a week to the day when we got it together again after a lot of teasing and flirting with the occasional grope, once whilst brother in law was in main office I fingered her to orgasm.

The day in question was quite unexpected as both brothers were in the yard and I was in 'work mode'. It started with Jackie bringing us all coffee and as she went away she forced a note in my hand. It said ' I need you to fuck me now, in the office'

It was risky as I knew they were in and out all the time, was she trying to get me the sack. It was almost an hour before there was a good oppotunity as one brother was tack welding and the other was following on with continuous welding.

So I darted up to the office and Jackie was at a filing cabinet, I just walked straight up and slid my hand up her skirt and into her knickers, straight into her pussy and she was wet as anything. She didn't turn, just put both hands on the cabinet and spread her legs. I fingered her hard and fast and she just gushed....

I undid my trousers and just slid my cock straight in. Jackie groaned and pushed back onto my cock, we were both noisy and fucking hard and fast, she came twice by the time I came and that was in minutes. It was very intense both our bodies shaking.

This went on for about three months, then Jackie was pregnant and she was feeling really guilty, so I backed off and let her know I was there if she needed me.

It was about a month later when we were all at the local pub celebrating the announcement of Jackies pregnancy when her sister stood next to me and said' Is it yours, cos we know John is a workoholic and never touches her? I was shocked I hadn't even thought it may have been mine.....anyway, she then groped me and said 'I want some too'.

I didn't see Jackie or her sister for awhile, in fact, I got very busy and I was in a supermarket when I bumped into helen and she was very flirty and was following me around. I was in an aisle looking at cereals when she came round the end and just stood there smiling and looking around nervously. Suddenly, she lifted her skirt and opened her legs, then just as quick disappeared, my throat was dry and I had to admit she was sexy as hell.

I carried on and I was about four feet from the end of an aisle when helen came round again, this time I went up to her and slid my hand straight up her skirt, she gasped and looked me right in the eyes.

I kissed her and fingered her hard and she clung onto my arm and gasped. She was really wet. We seperated when people came around into the aisle and she teased me rotten whenever she could and I groped her when I could.

At one stage she had her hand in my jeans whilst I had two fingers in her and we were both getting close.

We agreed to meet in the car park by her car.

She was in the back by the time I arrived at her car and as I opened the door she smiled and said climb in, I said 'only if you spread your legs and show me your pussy' she did and pulled her knickers to one side, I leaned over and licked, she was musky and very wet.

Jackie got to know and there seemed to be a competition going for a while, which I really enjoyed, things got a bit obvious though for my liking and in the end had to stop.

Although there was a moment where I asked Jackie to bring helen and she did say maybe.

Helen got pregnant too after about five months so I thought I would disappear.

I sometimes wonder!