Written by stillup4it

9 Aug 2008

It was a last minute decision to go. The Motorway was beautifully quiet for a Sunday afternoon and although later in the day, I could get held up for ages, but I had an hour or two to kill and could probably risk being a bit late home for dinner. The Spa club beckoned as I drove south towards the Midlands.

I was pleased that the traffic wasn’t so bad, and found myself slipping into the change room with my towel and key at about 3.30. It seemed fairly busy in the Spa but not as full as I have sometimes witnessed. Last time I was there a guy did for me in the glory holes and my last recounted cock-tale showed how erotic and sensuous it was feeling a hand grab me and pull me towards the hole for all that passion and those sensations...

I was wondering if it would be the same today.

So naked, freshly shaved too, I wrapped the towel around my waist and began to explore. Key strapped to my ankle out of the way, and I had two hands free for whatever I needed to do.

It had been a warm morning and I was feeling the need to relax in the Jacuzzi. I quickly showered – unfortunately very alone. And then made my way to the small pool. It was gloomy but still interestingly lit, and the guy seated there with eyes closed became aware that I was getting in. He watched me as I hung my towel and eased myself down the steps. I lay back against the wall as the water bubbled around me, jetting everywhere, prickling my skin and tickling my balls as the bubbles seeped up between my thighs. I spread my feet out with care, avoiding any contact with the guy opposite. I closed my eyes and lay back, enjoying the watery noise and the dim lights. I could feel that he was watching me, and I tried not to make any eye contact at all. He wasn’t the guy for me today.

We both turned our heads at the same time. A face had appeared round the wall and a towel was flipped to the rail and a new body slid quickly into the bubbling surface, beside me. I hadn’t even had chance to check him out, and wasn’t aware of what he looked like. Our knees bumped together under the water. Guy across the way was still watching – cheeky sod I thought. Then our knees bumped again and surely that was pretty deliberate I thought. I gently moved my leg closer and slowly upwards along his thigh, and he didn’t withdraw. In fact he moved closer still. I felt his leg against mine, thigh to thigh, and a hand was resting my kneecap. I looked to the left and he was gazing at me, smiling and stroking. Observer was watching with eyes fixed on my reactions. I guessed he knew what was probably afoot.

I felt the urge to slide nearer to the guy next to me and to see where it would go. As I did so, his hand slipped over my thigh and delved into my groin, searching, seeking and eventually stroking my rising manhood. This could be something good I thought and I reciprocated the sensual touching. He slid his head closer to mine and smiled, looking at me, mouthing something that I couldn’t catch. He repeated it, and I finally made out ‘…. want to find a room?’, ‘…. want to come with me?’. I felt myself reddening with excitement, and looked across the water at the other guy, still transfixed with what he saw. I nodded at him, looked back at my close companion, whose hand now encircled my growing prick, squeezing it and I just nodded and swallowed hard.

We gathered ourselves out of the water and took our towels. His arse looked so sexy, right in front of me, and his back was lightly tattooed, as were his upper arms I later discovered. We made out way upstairs and he found a cabin in a secluded area. I took a deep breath as I went in and he closed the door, which we later found had no lock on it, and raised the light a little so we could see what we were doing.

He stood facing me and removed his towel – a lovely bronzed body, short hair, and a couple of days’ stubble. He backed away a little lowering himself on to the bed, beckoning me to join him. His legs were wide apart and I could see his gently waving semi-hard meat enticing me into action.

We lay back together, chatting a little, where were we from, what did we look for, how often had wee been there etc, just quiet opening gambits. ‘You’ve got the most lovely prick,’ he said, it was rising slowly and he had a hand around it, slowly caressing it and fingering the end. Did he say he was going to suck it for me when we were in the water?

He reached across towards me and pulled me closer, looking upwards at me and scrutinizing my lips. He gently planted his mouth on mine, sliding slowly and gently, slipping his tongue into my mouth and we embraced oh so closely, pressing our hot bodies one to the other. Gosh, I've been kissed before but never like that from a guy, especially one I've only just met. I wanted more of that, in fact was happy with only that if necessary. I pulled him on top of me and we embraced and kissed, gently biting each other’s lower lips as we pulled away and then tongued deeply again.

I opened my eyes as I heard a sound – the door was open and we were being watched. I motioned the guy away, and then saw it. There was a strange movement above me; I’d not seen it before. It happened again as I caressed this guy’s shoulder and kissed him another time. I opened my eyes wider and looked upwards – there I could see myself covered by this guy’s body, reflected in a huge mirror, and clearly enjoying what I was doing as well as seeing. I’d never experienced a ceiling mirror before and found it so intensely erotic watching my naked body being caressed by this stranger.

He realised what had happened and continued to slide his hands over my body, squeezing my chest, my nipples and my prick, which I could now see again, rampant as ever and oh in such need of attention.

We handled each other’s pricks, slipping our fingers in precum and spreading it on each other’s ends. We talked about our likes and I said I had never been inside an arse before. He asked would I like to try it? I was uncertain, but was willing to give it a go.

I felt his hand on my prick, rubbing cold lube on my end – wow that made me go almost wild – cold and slippery and sensuous, and soon he was lowering his ring towards my knob. He gripped it, held it steady and rubbed it across his rosebud, pressing ever so gently till I felt it slide inside and was then engulfed with a warmth that I was never used to on my prick. Gently further and further he dropped and engulfed my whole meat inside his arse. It was good, I felt him gripping me tight, and I responded by flexing my muscles to make myself even harder.

He rode me up and down. I could make out his tight sphincter gripping me as he rose and fell. It made me feel so hot and horny. Was I OK? He enquired – ‘You bet,’ I said, I want this so much, I just over it and being able to watch him above me and reflected in the ceiling too, I was just so gagging to stay there a long as I could.

He rose and fell, rose and fell gently picking up the rhythm and as he did so I felt myself hardening and becoming even hornier. I felt him slide right to the tip of my meat and slowly so slowly back down again. And once more that slow extraction and gentle pressure to engulf me again. I was bareback inside a guy’s arse, first time ever and I was so enjoying it, as so obviously was he.

And you reach that point where you know it’s going to happen and you cannot stop it. It is that tensing of the balls, the twitching of your prick – even inside this beautifully warming channel – and slowly the sensations intensify to a climax so wonderful that you push and thrust inside this warm chamber filing it with your juices – so much more than before, and you grunt and groan as the tension increases. And you collapse breathless as he rests himself on to of you and once more you embrace in a deep, deep kiss, as you gently relax inside him.

Then the oozing, the trickling and the dampness spreads across your groin. He lifts himself off so very gently and with a plop, you see yourself back in the normal world, in the light, no longer hidden in the depths of a man’s welcoming ring.

We embrace once more, we take a long lingering kiss and then go our separate ways, he for more fun? Me to shower and dress for the journey home.

Oh why, oh why did I spend so much time trying to avoid those feelings I had about male sex together? Now at my age I have found true satisfaction, and so much enjoyed being taken like that.