Written by HornyHussy

4 Jul 2008

So, I moved into my new home about a month ago. In my bathroom, i have a large bath, with powerful jacuzzi jets.The night i moved in, i decided to have a bath to relax me, i'd never thought i could gain so much pleasure off a jet of water. I lifted my legs out of the bath and other the edge, spread out, and pushed my pussy close to this middle jet. As soon as i felt it pounding my pussy my whole body tightened, and i found my self having to hold on to something to stop my orgasming screams, that my mum or dad could easily hear. I found it easy to grope my breasts, i liked it hard, i started moving around. Sort of grinding against this jet, biting my bottom lip, willing my self not to scream like I needed to.

I moved my hand to underneath my Bottom, spreading myself to get as much pleasure as possible, the jet was going hard against my clit, and i just let out an orgasm and couldnt stop, this was the most pleasure i had ever felt, more pleasurable than a man, any man i've ever had. I want to carry on, but i can because, i just keep screaming, and my legs are shaking from it. Then, i grab my electric toothbrush, and put the normal end into my pussy, switching it on, now i have the jets and this, and I SCREAM and scream, and swear.and then i colloapse, back into the bathtub. And as i stand to get out, i feel my hot come, dripping down my legs.And my legs are still shaking. I like my new house.