Written by Just Bob

9 Aug 2011

Jan is a freinds Mark ex fiance. One day she invited me over for a chat, the premis was to find out why Mark ended the relationship and see if there was a way for her to restore it.

Jan as 23 at te time about 5 foot six slender small boobs and a natureal red head. Some wouls say she was like a bean pole, not much shape as in curves, but she did have a real cute bubble butt.

I arrived at her apartment Friday evening not expecting to be much help. She was wearing a loose T-shirt and daisy dukes. We talked about what Mark said to me and it was the same he told her. Not much I could do for her in restoring the relationship. She got up to fetch a few beers. I got a great view of that ass as she bent over at the icebox. On return she leaned forward allowing me to see that she had no bra on. Busted I was for staring at those little perkies of hers. She asked if I liked small breasts. Well hell yes! Small & firm and the pinkest nipples and aerolas I have seen contrasting to her pale skin.

Jan pulled her top of and led me into her bedroom. We made out for while untill she said lets get nakid. On my back on her bed she lowerd that fire crotch on my face. Neatly trimmed I beagan to lick her slit. Jan bet over and took mysemi hard cock into her mouth. She new how to give head and got me hard in no time. Jan got up and turned around lower herself on me. I stopper her and ask if she want me to use a condom, NO, she was on the pill. She teased the head with very short strokes. Her tits jiggled to her every movement. After about two moinuts she impailed herself on me and started to grind her clit into me. She cme hard and fell forward on my chest. Still hard and up her we rolled over and I began to pump away. She was tight and gripped down making me cum in no time. As I push in on last time she exploded in a squirting orgasm with contractions pushing me ot of her firebox. I rolled over drenched in her juices wondering what the fuck was that! Mark never spoke of her exposive orgasms.

After a brief rest Jan went to the bathroom got a washcloth and towel. Jan cleaned me up and dried me off the did the same to her pussy. We slept well that night. I dont think she will be seeing mark any time soon.