Written by Alan

23 Dec 2011

My wife Jan and I run a small janitorial supply company in the Midlands and something happened about 8 weeks ago that changed our lives entirely.

Jan is 42, smallish firm breasts, never had kids always wears stockings and only trims her pubes to keep it neat and never shaves them. She is 5ft 8ins, dark shoulder length hair, and a pretty hot MILF if I do say so myself.

We have in the past, swapped partners, not on a regular basis, but only if the opportunity arose and we both fancied the other couple. We always had sex with others, separately and privately, never in the same room, though we would tell each other the details the next day. I did suspect, that once, Jan’s partner invited another male to join them, some bloke from the party who was staying over alone, but I couldn’t be sure, it was simply that Jan slipped up once and referred to her partner as they once, and when I went to the loo, I’m certain I heard 2 male voices. Jan didn’t offer this extra information, so I didn’t pursue the issue.

However, back to the incident 8 weeks ago. I had been touting for business in Birmingham, with local cleaning companies, and at one of them, I was told that the contracts manager was out, but he would be in our area that week and would call in to see me.

When he arrived, there were two, not one, and both as black as the road and both over 50. Jan, who works as my PA, was out of the office dealing with a problem in the warehouse and so it was me who made them a coffee and we got down to business.

Discussions were going well, then suddenly Jan knocked at the door and I shouted her to enter. As per usual, she was wearing a dark grey business suit, skirt 3 inches above the knee, white blouse and black stockings.

She left details of the issue in warehouse on my desk and excused herself and left.

Mark, the contracts manager was first to speak, “who was that?” Now I don’t know why I didn’t say she was my wife, probably because we were at work, and she is my PA, so I simply said “Jan, my PA”

“Man” said Mark, “we just have to fuck that”

“Too fucking true” said his assistant Steve

Mark then asked if I was giving her one, did she fuck other men, he had noticed her wedding ring and that seemed to only to add to his joy, “bet she’s got a wimpy husband, that type always do”

“Tell you what Alan” Mark then said to me, “you get her to let us fuck her, and you needn’t worry about this contract for the next 5 years. Oh man, we just have to fuck this beauty”

“ I don’t know if I could persuade her , I mean how would anyone go about it, what do I say, Mark and Steve want to fuck you and if you do, we will have their contract?”

“Yer, sounds about right” Mark replied. “Look, we have to make some other calls, we’ll be back after lunch to sign or not as the case may be, do your stuff Alan and we’ll all be happy”

They left and I called Jan in to the office and told her what they had said. She sat and stared in disbelief, then asked how badly we needed their business. I told her that we did need it, and that it wasn’t as if we had an exclusive marriage.

She told me that she would but I could tell, she was a bit reluctant and she said she would need to get dressed up, but I told her they seemed to fancy her the way she was. She had a shower, but remained in the same clothes.

One o’clock on the dot, they were back. “well Alan, do we sign?”

“yes, it looks that way” I said

“Great Alan, you won’t regret it, now call her in, this office will do fine for the first fuck, you aren’t expecting any other callers today are you?”

I called Jan in, both men sat in chairs and had taken out their cocks and were rubbing them in anticipation when she entered. She looked flustered and embarrassed which seemed only to please the two men even more. Mark, commanded her to slowly ease her skirt up till it was around her waist, then to slowly turn around so they could view her from all angles. She was told to remove her pants and nodded in approval when they saw she had a bushy fanny. Jan seemed plainly uncomfortable, but this only pleased them more.

Their cocks which were bigger than mine anyway, had grown even more and were at least 8 and 9 inches. The heads had poked out of the foreskins and Mark in particular, seemed to be oozing lots of precum.

Jan was told to go over to Mark, and he told her to suck his cock He stood up and placed his backside on my desk and after undoing her blouse and bra, pushed her head down onto his cock. I moved from behind my desk to watch as Jan took it into her mouth.

As she moved her mouth slowly over Mark’s cockhead \and he held the sides of her head, and slowly moved it up and down, Steve had moved behind her and dropped his pants. He spat on his cock, and slowly rubbed the head up and down Jan’s slit, then he pushed the head into her, no one had mentioned condoms or if she was on the pill, he just eased into her till he was all the way home. The contrast between this older black man’s cock and Jan’s white behind, was the horniest thing I’d seen.

Once he was right up her, he gasped, “Fucking hell Mark, she’s a tight as a duck’s arse” I was watching intently, my own cock was nearly bursting with the excitement of watching for the fist time, another man’s cock, and a black one at that, penetrating my wife. I noticed that Steve’s cock was not so shiny with Jan’s juices, but after he had slowly eased it in and out a few times, he exclaimed, “That’s better, she’s juiced up now, lovely warn and wet on my cock”

Jan was making snorting noises as Steve fucked her and Mark guided her head up and down. Steve only fucked her for a few minutes when he said to Mark, “ I’m ready to fill this tight cunt up with black spunk, this is a baby fuck too, I haven’t emptied my sack in 2 weeks,” he let out a growl, his hips pushed forward again, then he held her hips and just pushed against her arse, as if trying to deposit his spunk as far up her as he could.

Steve pulled out of Jan and Mark, stood up, and lay Jan back on my desk with her legs dangling over the edge, he looked down and when he saw Steve’s cum, oozing out of her, he smiled, “Nicely lubed up for me”, It was then that I saw the real size of his cock, it was thicker than Steve’s and an inch or so longer too.

This was what I had been waiting for, Jan on her back and a black cock poised at the entrance of her cunt. He pushed the head in and stopped, then a little more, then more and still more till he was in all the way. “ see what you mean about tight, this lady is going to be the best fuck I’ve had in a long time I think” and with that, his black shaft began pistoning in and out of her, the sight was fantastic. Steve had knelt up on the desk and had put his cock into Jan’s mouth whilst Mark was enjoying himself with my wife’s body. Suddenly Jan, who is normally no too loud when she cums, let out such a noise as she came on Mark’s cock, that I was pleased Steve’s cock had muffled most of the noise.

Mark now moved up a gear and with a grunt, he too shot his cum load up Jan, he too held onto her, not withdrawing, but just thrusting harder into her until she had every last drop of his seed.

He still obviously didn’t know that Jan was anything other than my PA and when he pulled out, he smiled, looked at me and nodded towards Jan’s open legs and the gaping hole that was her cunt. I needed no longer invitation, I dropped my own pants and slipped my cock into her, lasting about fifteen seconds I was so hyped up. I had just seen the horniest sight of my life.

Jan was helped up and Mark asked her what time did her husband usually expect her home, and informed her that what had happened, was just a warm up, they wanted her in their hotel room.

I looked at her and suggested she phone home and leave a message stating that she would have to work late.

As I watched them leave, I wished that I was going with them. When Jan did eventually come home about 11pm, she told me that both of them had had her 6 time each, she said they were insatiable, and only stopped when she told them she could take no more.

Two days later, I got a call from Mark, saying that policy had changed and that the only way to keep supplying their company was if Jan would keep supplying her favours when they were in town every 3 weeks. Of course this wasn’t a problem for me, I had crossed the Rubicon now, and wanted to see Jan fucked more and more.

Jan has allowed herself to be fucked then twice to this point and is enjoying it, I made a stipulation, that I had to be there too and really enjoy fucking her after she’s filled with their black spunk