Written by Jane's Hubby

30 Apr 2007

We just got back from holiday in Turkey in Icemeler. My wife Jane wanted to try the Turkish Bath massage in the hope of some hot action, so she found one in the small resort town and went in.

She didn't have a bikini with her so they lent her a thin cotton towel to wrap around herself and in she went. She's 42 and the guy massaging her was 18 or 19 and this is what she told me.

She was on her own in the massage room so as he was oiling her, and massaging her legs, she was rubbing his cock with her toes! When he was massaging her neck and shoulders, she was able to rub his cock with her hand and he was rock hard by now. In broken English, he managed to say "After the massage!" He'd got the message!

After the massage, he took her into the ladies, her bag was in the locker so no condom and he didn't have one so she sat on the loo and unzipped him. As he sprang out of his jeans, he was well hard so she sucked him. He was quite big, but he was rock hard! He only lasted about 15 seconds, just as she took him out of her moouth to play with him, he shot his load over her face and in her long blonde hair! She dressed and left and as she was leaving, her masseur was sitting in reception with all the other massage guys chatting. As she left, they all smiled and waved to her so it was obvious what had happened!

I was sitting in a bar having a drink and when she joined me, she still had his spunk matted into her hair!

Jane went back the next day, but this time she had her wicked weasel yellow bikini so he was playing with her clit on the table. She shaves her fanny, so her camel toe was visible through her thong bottoms. This time she kept her bag with her so she had her condoms with her. After the massage, they went back into the ladies and he had a helper on lookout. She put a blob of KY inside and then she got finger fucked for a while while she played with his cock. Then he turned her round and fucked from behind with her leaning over the toilet. He just went straight up her in one thrust which took her breath away and while they were both standing, he pumped in and out of her while playing with her tits from behind.

It wasn't long enough for her to come but he soon filled his condom! Then she sat on the loo took it off and sucked and licked him clean. Then he left and she got dressed. As she left again, they were all smiling and laughing in reception and waved to her knowing that this time another horny English tourist had been fucked!

Not a bad holiday, she flashed her tits and fanny in a few jeans shops and even got groped in one shop by one of the sales guys who slid his hand up her skirt and played with her fanny through her totally sheer red thong (he had already seen what was inside the thong when she was trying on the clothes!) then he played with her tits and snogged her while they were sitting in the shop!

A fun holiday and a 100% true recollection!