Written by Jane's Hubby

5 Nov 2009

For this to make any sense, you\'ll need to read the two previous posts, both called Jane Gets It In Turkey Again one posted 2 Nov 09, the other Wed 3 Nov 09.

So there we were in the market, and one of the 3 guys who we\'d been out with earlier in the week recognised us. Not Mehmet, not Longcock, the other one, whatever his name was. So he started laughing and saying hello, and said, not shouting, to a couple of the other stall holders in Turkish what I can only guess to be, This is Jane, the woman who came out with us for the day because they smiled a greeting at her and looked her up and down and you could just read their faces!

Then the guy gave us a business card for a carpet shop and showed us where it was, pointing out the direction and showing us the name of the shop on the card. The he took out his mobile phone and waggled it to us to indicate that he\'d call ahead. We knew if we went, there\'d be fun and games. So we went.

When we got there, there was a guy in his 50s I\'d guess, dark hair, moustache, gold glasses, grey trousers white shirt very normal obviously successful and obviously the owner. He welcomed us like any other customer till we showed him the business card we\'d been given and he nodded knowing who we were. You Jane? he asked and she nodded. Welcome he said and kissed her on both cheeks.

He shouted something in Turkish to one of his staff and led us to his office. He gestured me in first then Jane and he came in last. When I turned round I could see why. He had his hand up her skirt rubbing her bum before he\'d closed the door.

So he went and sat behind his desk and beckoned her over to him and he stuck his hand straight up her skirt. Why you wear panties? he asked. No wear panties anymore in Turkey, and he pulled them down and put them in his desk drawer. That was the second pair she\'d lost that holiday. It seems Turkish guys like collecting souvenirs!

Then he unbuttoned her skirt up to her waist, it was a short denim jeans skirt and just slowly inserted his middle finger all the way up her while he used his thumb and played with her clit. You like? he asked and she just nodded eyes shut. Turkish lovers best lovers. She nodded and stood still leaning with one hand on the desk and her legs apart slightly bent at the knees to allow him better access as he started to bring her off. He was really more interested in getting her ready than in just jumping her bones.

Then the door opened and a young lad came in carrying 3 glasses of tea. He stopped still in surprise when he saw what was going on, unable to take his eyes off Jane\'s pussy with this guy\'s (now) two fingers up her and his thumb going round and round on her clit.

He motioned to me to shut the door which I did and spoke to the young lad in Turkish who gave him a one word answer which I guess was No. The he took his finger from Jane\'s pussy and patted the edge of the desk. He wanted her to sit/stand/lean against it. He never have woman before. You will be his first, he said to her. Then he said said what was probably something like, Go on then, what are you waiting for? in Turkish to the lad.

The lad unzipped his trousers and out popped his cock. Why are they all so big out there? He was small and skinny but it looked huge! I gave him a condom, on it went and he stood in front of Jane. She sat back a bit and lifted up her knees so she was at the right height for him, took hold of his cock and guided it into her fanny. This guy was smiling like the cat that got the cream as he pushed gently and slid up her all the way!

It probably was his first time he put his hands on Jane\'s tits through her top and just squeezed them a couple of times and then moved them down to her hips and thighs as he thrust in and out of her.

Naturally, he didn\'t last 30 seconds, but he\'ll probably remember it forever because if the amount of cum in that condom was anything to go by, he was well turned on!

So he took off the condom, tied a knot it it and put it in his pocket. Trophy? Who knows but he left the tea in the glasses and went.

I not fuck you today the carpet man said. Why not? Jane asked. Not today. Tonight maybe.

He got her to sit in his desk chair, stood in front of her unzipped his trousers and took himself out.

Another good size cock which he pushed into her mouth. She started sucking on it and just as he was going to cum, he pulled out and shot his spunk all over her hair and on the top of her head, so maybe his thing was blonde hair cos when he\'d finished unloading, he wiped his cock around her mouth and in her hair to clean it.

You good girl, I like you Jane he smiled.

She took a tissue from her bag to wipe her hair and he stopped her. He opened the door and said, Come, come.

We followed him out of the office, past where a couple of customers were in the shop (they didn\'t look at us) and round to the back where the stock is kept and the staff eat lunch etc.

There were three guys there and he proudly displayed his cum on her hair to them so they obviously knew what was happening in the office from when we arrived. Then he held her skirt open so they could see her pussy.

Now we busy he said to us. You come back tonight 10 o\'clock. Very special time. Good.

I looked at Jane, she nodded and I nodded. Then one of the guys reached up into her skirt and felt her pussy. Your cunt very wet! he laughed Very wet! The owner said something to her. Oh, you just been fucked? Jane nodded and laughed. Come back tonight, we fuck you properly.

The owner said something and left. So we nodded and went to leave out of the back door. Just as we were leaving one of the other guys came over and wanted to grope Jane\'s pussy so he sat her on the edge of an old wooden chair with a string seat to it, and examined her pussy close up. Why you not wear panties? he asked. She pointed at the door and the direction the owner had gone. He took them. The guys laughed He take? she nodded.

By now the third guy couldn\'t wait. He took out his cock and just wanked over her hair and face and shot some into her mouth, Guess he needed it pretty bad cos it joined the first load mostly in her hair!

Just at that moment the owner came back in surprised we were still there. You go now (I think his wife and kids had arrived!) but also a truck stopped outside with a delivery of stock so we left through the back door, Jane trying to wipe off two loads of cum from her face. But the delivery driver saw it on her hair and his face was split into a grin when he realised what was going on.

But we kept walking down this dusty back alley with a half a dozen local guys watching Jane wipe strings of spunk from her blonde hair with her skirt only held in place by the waist button and gaping wide open to the world, her shaven pussy on full view to all of them. She didn\'t know whether to close her skirt first or wipe her hair! Even got a couple of wolf whistles and calls across. But we kept walking.

Again, all 100% true.