Written by Peter

17 Dec 2012

Jane and I have been visiting the Canaries once or twice a year since about 1999. We'd been to Fuerteventura a number of times, going to the beach at Corralejo where we could find a secluded spot and sometimes sunbathed nude. A few times we'd played with each other, kissing while she wanked me and I fingered her to orgasm. As we got more adventurous, she gave me blow jobs, and I'd performed cunnilingus on her, but we were always careful there was no one about. It wasn't until last year that we fucked, hidden inside a stone enclosure, on an almost deserted beach. Though I'm certain that no one saw us, we both found the experience arousing, and fucked several times more before the end of the holiday. Jane came hard and loud each time, particularly if she was on top, able to see people, albeit in the distance, her cunt muscles gripping my cock tightly as she climaxed, telling me afterwards that she found the thought of being caught and watched thrilling.

I was pretty certain we weren't the only ones having sex on the beach. In the second week I kept an eye out and suspected that a couple I'd noticed further along the beach had an audience, a couple of guys sat on the stones next to them. Possibly it was my imagination running wild and they were just chatting, but I could see their arms moving as if they were wanking. I told Jane, and she looked, agreeing that they did appear to be watching and wanking. While she watched I fingered her, quietly telling her to imagine they were watching her, describing them wanking next to her. I was rewarded by her quietly moaning, her hips moving on my fingers, her hand moving to her clit, spreading her legs while I finger fucked her and she frigged herself. Just before she orgasmed she excitedly told me that she was certain that the woman was sucking the two guys off. From where we were it certainly appeared as if the woman was being taken from behind while she took one guys prick in her mouth then the other. I told Jane what I thought was happening, “Lucky girl” she gasped, rubbing her clit frantically as she orgasmed.

When she'd recovered I suggested that next time we could be a bit more adventurous and obvious what we were up to if there were any men about and let them watch us fuck. She hesitated before answering, looking down the beach obviously tempted, before replying that she didn't think she could, but had enjoyed pretending. I was disappointed but didn't press her, although that night in bed she mentioned how envious she was of the woman. It got my hopes up as she fantasised being watched, started to masturbate, turned on all fours using a vibrator to fuck herself, whilst sucking my cock pretending she was with two men, until she came. I asked if she'd changed her mind. She hadn't unfortunately, but we did have sex on the beach a couple more times which was enjoyable but a bit of an anti-climax.

Jane is 54 this year, but looks younger, only 5' 3” tall, with shoulder length auburn hair. She is slim, almost petite, except for the thing most men notice first. Her tits are 38ff, heavy but still firm, tipped by sensitive, suckable nipples. When the mood takes her, encouraged by me, she makes the most of them with tight or low cut tops, displaying lots of cleavage. She usually keeps her pussy trimmed except for holidays when she shaves, no unsightly pubes peeping out of her bikini pants. After we returned home we talked about it and a few weeks later she told me she regretted not having the nerve to have sex whilst being watched, but doubted if anyone would want to see her anyway, a woman in her fifties. I assured her that she was wrong and that men would queue up to see her naked, being fucked. I suggested that if she didn't want to go that far she could pretend to be asleep, let her legs open and masturbate while being watched. She seemed to like that idea but was non-committal. It was about this time that we discovered SH, reading the stories with interest. Imagining we were being watched, or Jane using a vibrator, pretending I was watching another man fuck her became a regular fantasy after she admitted how exciting she'd found seeing the woman with three men. I told her I would enjoy seeing her have sex with another bloke if she wanted to.

We had read a few stories which related to the Canary Islands, some of them involving the dunes at Maspalomas, somewhere we'd never visited. We were discussing where we should go this year and Jane instantly suggested Maspalomas, immediately noticing the dirty grin on my face. “I just want to go and look, so don't get to excited” she told me, before continuing “ I'm not making any promises, but I might be prepared to do something” I knew better than to take that as a definite “Yes” and that I shouldn't press her, but considering how excited she got pretending it was enough to make me fairly optimistic. We began searching for a holiday and reading more about what was supposed to go on, finding a map which gave a rough guide to the beach and the dunes behind.

We were both nervous and excited by the prospect of what might happen, me probably more than her. The final decision would be hers and though I'd be disappointed if nothing happened I had no intention of trying to get her to do things she wasn't happy or comfortable with. We arrived late afternoon, got settled in our apartment, strolled down to the beach in the evening for a look and to get our bearings, surprised at how extensive it was. We ate out, had a few drinks, wondering back to our apartment, stopping to kiss, my cock hardening as she rubbed her body against me. I guided her into a small park, the only light from the moon and a light about 50 metres away. We found an alcove with a bench, hiding us quite well, enough light to see by. Jane was only wearing a dress and panties. I raised the dress to her waist, pushed her panties down to her knees, they slipped to the ground and she stepped out of them, kicking them away. I eased the thin straps off her shoulders and down her arms, uncovering her tits, her dress bunched around her waist. Sucking a very erect nipple, fingering her dripping pussy, her breathing quickened, sighs of pleasure as I pushed two then three fingers in and out of her cunt.

We could hear people passing only feet away, the other side of a hedge, both of us excited. I heard a sound from behind me, felt Jane stiffen, “What is it?” I asked. I could see her looking, then she whispered breathlessly “Nothing. Don't stop” pushing my head back down to her tits, moving her hips, grinding her pussy on my probing fingers. I'd got my prick out, moved her hand to it. She stroked my erection, then crouched down and took my cock in her mouth. I looked down, what a horny sight,she had my cock in her mouth sucking gently, her legs spread wide, fingering her pussy with one hand. Much more of that and I knew I'd cum and told her I wanted to fuck her. “Yes” she gasped. “I'm almost there” She stood, then to my surprise lifted her dress over her head, dropped it on the bench, standing in a public place naked. My cock twitched harder as she bent over resting a hand on the bench, parted her legs, used her other hand to hold her cunt open and told me to fuck her. I held her hips, guided my cock between her legs, rubbing it along her slippery gash. “Put it in. Fuck me” she moaned, gripping my cock, raising herself, until she felt it enter her. I slid my rampant cock into her soaking fuck hole, felt her cunt muscles flutter, as I began fucking her slowly. I could see her puckered anus, wetted my thumb, felt her pushing back as I pressed it against he bum hole and pushed it up her arse. “Don't stop. Fuck me harder” she demanded, quite loudly, forgetting or passed caring that we were in a public place.

She moved her fingers to her clitoris, rubbing her button, fingertips brushing my cock as we fucked. We were both so aroused in only two or three of minutes she came, me ejaculating moments later, pumping what felt like a much larger than usual load of spunk deep inside her. I stood with my softening cock buried in her cunt, catching my breath then slowly withdrew, stood to one side, putting my cock away. She remained bent over, still breathing heavily for perhaps a minute. I could see her gaping cunt, my cum seeping out, running down her thighs, a thick glob dangling from her hole then splash on the ground. Eventually she stood, turning to face me, her heavy firm breasts rising and falling, nipples erect, her cunt wet, glistening with our juices. Naughtily she ran a couple of fingers between her legs, catching some spunk, sucking and licking them clean, before putting her dress back on.

She hooked her arm through mine, turned her head and kissed me, letting me taste the juices on her lips. As we walked out of the park, I heard the sound of a lighter, caught sight of the flame and a bloke lighting a cigarette, standing next to a large shrub, only yards from where we'd just been fucking. I glanced at Jane “I think we were seen” I whispered. “I know we were. You were to busy sucking my tits to notice. He was there the whole time, saw everything. You fucking me and I made sure he had a good look at my pussy afterwards” she replied with a grin, before continuing, “Come on, it's late. We've got the beach to explore tomorrow and I think I'm ready to go further” We walked quickly back to our apartment, me with a grin from ear to ear, Jane probably leaving a trail of spunk and her sex juices as she'd lost her panties.

It seemed to take me ages to get to sleep, the anticipation of what might happen the next day going through my mind. When I eventually woke the next morning, the bed was empty. I pulled on a pair of shorts and I found Jane on a lounger on the balcony. She had already showered, was naked except a towel wrapped around her head, apparently unconcerned that she was visible from at least one of the balconies opposite. She even had her legs parted, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, her cunt wet and gaping. I guessed she'd been masturbating, confirmed when she smiled saucily, picked up a vibrator from beside her, switched it on, held the tip against her clit before slowly sliding it in to her hole. The previous night and then this, any fear that she might have changed her mind quickly disappeared. I had never seen her behave in such a slutty manner, relaxed about what she was doing, plainly aroused and enjoying fucking herself with the plastic prick, in a place where she could potentially be seen or heard. I stood, back against the railings, watching until she came with a satisfied moan, and pulled the vibe from her pussy. She got up, almost immediately, came and stood next to me, in view of anyone who was looking from the gardens below. She gave my stiff cock a squeeze telling me to save it for later and to go for a shower so we could go shopping then explore the beach and dunes. I was impressed by her daring and my hopes for the holiday soared. Though the apartments opposite seemed deserted I found out later I was wrong and that she had been fully aware that she had been watched masturbating.

I think we will stop here, see how this is received and if anyone seems interested continue in a few days.