Written by kingdong12

26 Apr 2008

Some time ago i told you of the brief separation my good lady and i had and the confession she made when we got back together.jane had met a chap named russell who as it turned out was quiet a swordsman packing a penis of over 12 inches !.Since this time we have had many fantasies in the bedroom about russell and in all the time ive been with jane i have never known her come so much and so powerfully.I nervously asked if she would consider making love to russell one more time to act out our fantasy to which she initially did not respond but after some persistence on my part she eventually agreed.We came to the arrangement that she would go to the pub where he used to take her in the hope he would be there and she was to tell him i was working away and thought she would have a night out.I dropped Jane up the road from the pub at 8 pm and told her i would be in place at 10 pm, which meant i would have taken my position in the loft.The wait seemed like an eternity but at 11.30 ish i heard the front door open and i could hear some laughter.After about 20 mins i heard Jane coming upstairs and saying to Russell to bring the bottle of wine with him.Russell entered the bedroom and said wow! you look gorgeous in that underwear . There was then a lot of sighing and passionate moans and Russell let out a yell of delight ashe announced the fact that Jane now had a shaved pussy ( she hadn\\\'t told me she going to shave ).Jane then unashamedly asked russell if she could suck on his cock to which he replied i trained you well didnt i !!.I could hear Jane slurping and licking and she said im sure this is bigger than before,Russell explained he had took a viagra when he was downstairs to which Jane replied i wont be able to walk properly tomorrow !!.Russell was beginning to moan loudly as jane was really sucking his dick well,he told to lie down on the bed and began to kiss and lick her pussy.Jane was soon reaching her first orgasm and she screamed at Russell to push his finger deep into her bum as she let out a loud yell that she was coming !.He then asked Jane in what position they should start their love making and jane confessed that she was a little scared of his mighty cannon as she was now only used to a small one to which they both had a good laugh . Russ said ok and suggested she lay on her back and he would enter her slowly in the missionary position.The next few minutes sounded as though it was quite painful for Jane as there were lots of ows and ouch es and please take a bit out until eventually russ said thats it im all in !. Then for 10 minutes there was slow creaking sounds coming from the bed, but then ther were sounds of real hard passionate what can only be described as top rate fucking !!.The bed must have been close to collapsing and Jane was performing like a real slut,i heard her say i going to ride your donkey cock now !.Again there was a little bit of yelping and she said how am i going to slide to the bottom of that,but she did and her could hear her squelching as she squirted on his cock !!.Russell fucked jane for over 2 hours in which time i had come 6 times playing with my willy !.J ane said she would finish him off his favorite way and she licked and sucked on his monster cock until he shot his massive load into her mouth which she dutifully swallowed.She asked russell if it was all right with him would he mind if he didnt stop the whole night as she was making a long jouney in the morning to which he agreed as long as she promised there would be some more lovemaking ! or he might have to tell that little dicked fella of hers !!